141st APHA Annual Meeting

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Yochai Eisenberg, MUPP

Project Manager
University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Disability and Human Development
1640 w. roosevelt m/c 626 suite 713
Chicago, IL
USA 60608

Biographical Sketch:
Yochai (Chai pronounced like you are clearing your throat, not like in chase) Eisenberg obtained his masterís degree in urban planning from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has worked in several public and private sector positions in this field. Yochai is currently a project coordinator at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Center on Health Promotion Research for People with Disabilities. His research examines the relationship of the built environment and disability using GIS and GPS tools. Yochai teaches a graduate GIS course to planning students at UIC.

3232.0 An examination of the barriers and facilitators to healthy eating and physical activity for high school students with disabilities within urban and rural communities 4102.0 Environmental and social factors impacting transportation use among persons with disabilities