141st APHA Annual Meeting

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David H. Jernigan, PhD

Johns Hopkins University
Bloomberg School of Public Health
624 N. Broadway
Room 292
Baltimore, MD
USA 21205

Biographical Sketch:
David H. Jernigan Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health, Behavior and Society and the Director of the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where he teaches courses on social and behavioral aspects of health, media advocacy, and alcohol policy. He has worked as an adviser to the World Health Organization and the World Bank, and was principal author of WHO’s first Global Status Report on Alcohol and Global Status Report on Alcohol and Youth, and co-authored Media Advocacy and Public Health: Power for Prevention, and Alcohol in the Developing World: A Public Health Perspective.

3104.0 Comparative case study research on events leading to alcohol tax changes in three states 4260.0 Statewide collaborative to reduce college drinking and related problems 4261.0 Strategies for reducing youth exposure to alcohol advertising on cable television in the United States 4261.0 D'Oh! Homer never has a hangover and Marge always takes him back: Content analysis of alcohol messages on popular television shows 4261.0 Building a better mousetrap? analysis of one alcohol company's effort at a more restrictive voluntary advertising placement standard 5133.0 Advocacy for reducing the role of the global alcohol industry in health education