141st APHA Annual Meeting

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Adam Knowlden, CHES, MBA, MS

Doctoral Research Fellow
University of Cincinnati
Health Promotion & Education Program
PO Box 210068
Cincinnati, OH
USA 45221-0068
Email: knowldam@email.uc.edu

Biographical Sketch:
Adam Knowlden is a Ph.D. candidate and doctoral research fellow at the University of Cincinnati majoring in Health Promotion and Education with a concentration in statistics and research methods.

3077.0 Yoga as an alternative and complementary treatment for cancer 3280.0 Physical activity measurement in health promotion and education research 4023.0 Improving planning of web-based community health interventions through human interaction and sense of community 4420.0 Impact evaluation of the enabling mothers to prevent pediatric obesity through web-based education and reciprocal determinism (EMPOWER) intervention