141st APHA Annual Meeting

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Steve Scoppa, BS

Information Management Services, Inc.
12501 Prosperity Drive
Suite 200
Silver Spring, MD
USA 20904

Biographical Sketch:
Steve Scoppa is the lead programmer for the HD*Calculator software being demonstrated today. He is a Senior Systems Analyst at IMS, Inc. and has provided support to the National Cancer Institute’s biomedical research efforts for approximately 20 years. Steve earned a B.S. degree in Computer Science in 1989 from James Madison University. He has extensive experience in systems design and development and has contributed to the development of numerous software applications. Steve has also provided technical support and training for numerous software applications.

1004.0 SEER*stat rates analyses: Overview of age-adjusted rates and rate sessions 1004.0 County attributes, case listing and rate exercises 1004.0 Health disparities calculator 2004.0 Trend analyses 2004.0 Limited-duration prevalence 2004.0 Multiple primary standardized incidence ratios 2004.0 SEER*stat left-truncated life table analyses