141st APHA Annual Meeting

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Tali Schneider, MPH, CHES

Reseach Associate
University of South Florida
Social Marketing Group
13201 Bruce B. Downs Blvd
Tampa, FL
USA 33612
Email: tschneid@health.usf.edu

Biographical Sketch:
Tali Schneider, MPH, CHES, is a research associate at the Florida Prevention Research Center and the Social Marketing Group. Her areas of expertise include program planning, implementation, and analysis with a focus on qualitative methods. She has been implementing and coordinating the asthma project. Tali has over six years of experience working as a dietitian in the Israeli health care system, focusing on chronic diseases. She's earned her MPH at the University of South Florida.

3205.0 Implementation of two policy initiatives in conjunction with creation of a policy guiding framework: Community based prevention marketing for policy development 3406.0 Adapting community based prevention marketing to a web-based learning platform for community coalition uptake: Lessons learned from design-to-development 4275.0 Reaching out to teens with asthma: A consumer-oriented approach 5135.0 State of professional education and training in social marketing