141st APHA Annual Meeting

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Building Community Capacity for Health Improvement: Collaborative and Integrated Approaches

Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
The purpose of this session is to provide examples of successful strategies to engage the community in research and practices to improve and sustain health. A community-driven approach to intervention is important to foster sustainability.
Session Objectives: Describe strategies to engage community members in a community-driven process to improve health. Identify ways to engage the community in research.

Developing community capacity to increase the availability of healthy foods in corner stores
Lara Jaskiewicz, PhD, MBA, MPH, Rachael Dombrowski, MPH, Gina Massuda Barnett, MPH, Steven Seweryn, EdD, MPH and Maryann Mason, PhD
Thrive: A framework for community-driven initiatives to address health disparities
Menaka Mohan, MPH, MCP, Shayla Spilker, B.A. and Rachel Davis, MSW
Giving back: Sharing the results of a community health survey to improve community health outcomes
Ashley Garrity, MPH, Alison Grodzinski, MLIS, Susan Frazier-Kouassi, PhD and Susan Morrel-Samuels, MPH

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Organized by: Public Health Education and Health Promotion
Endorsed by: Community Health Planning and Policy Development