141st APHA Annual Meeting

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Invited Session: Building public health systems’ capacity to increase HPV vaccine coverage

Monday, November 4, 2013: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Guidelines recommend human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination as part of routine care for adolescents, but uptake of the vaccine in the United States remains disappointing. Only 35% of teenage girls and 1% of teenage boys have completed the 3-dose series. Scalable interventions embedded within existing systems are urgently needed to improve HPV vaccine coverage. We present the findings of intervention trials that took 4 different approaches to achieving this goal: 1) Academic detailing in primary care clinics. The Adolescent AFIX study used “assessment and feedback” with primary care providers to increase the provision of HPV vaccine and other vaccines recommended for adolescents ages 11-18. 2) Recall/reminder systems in safety-net clinics. Using a combination of patient education and reminders, this intervention achieved higher completion rates among females ages 11-18. 3) Vaccination in school health centers. This study used theory-informed consent materials to increase delivery of HPV vaccine to high school students. 4) Mass vaccination in schools without health centers. Using school-located vaccination clinics, a county health department achieved high levels of HPV vaccine series completion among participating adolescent girls. Lasting 15-20 minutes, each presentation will share outcomes data as well as process findings related to the benefits and challenges posed by each setting and approach. The sessions will be geared toward engaging behavioral scientists, public health practitioners, and policymakers to identify effective ways to increase HPV vaccine uptake.
Session Objectives: 1. Compare four different approaches to working within public health systems to improve HPV vaccination among adolescents. 2. Describe the outcomes of four trials that assessed systems-level approaches to increasing HPV vaccine uptake among adolescents. 3. Discuss opportunities and challenges of working in clinic- and school-based settings to improve HPV vaccination among adolescents.

Using school health centers to increase uptake of HPV and other adolescent vaccines
Jessica DeFrank, PhD, Kathryn E. Moracco, PhD, MPH, Shelley Golden and Noel T. Brewer, PhD
Effects of an intervention promoting HPV vaccination in an urban safety-net healthcare system
Jasmin A. Tiro, PhD, Donna Persaud, MD, Joanne Sanders, MS, Clare Stevens, MPH, Sobha Fuller, RN, MSN, Wendy Bishop, MS and Celette Sugg Skinner, PhD
A state health department-led RCT to improve adolescent immunization using the AFIX model
Melissa Gilkey, PhD, Jennifer Moss, MSPH, Alicia Sparks, MPH, Amanda Dayton, MA, Amy Grimshaw, MS, MSW and Noel T. Brewer, PhD
A health department-school partnership to boost HPV vaccination among middle school girls
Jennifer Moss, MSPH, Brenda Stubbs, Dianne Whitesell, Paul L. Reiter, PhD and Noel T. Brewer, PhD

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Organized by: Community Health Planning and Policy Development
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