CALL FOR FILM/VIDEO SUBMISSIONS — 143rd APHA Annual Meeting and Expo

APHA-Global Public Health Film Festival

Meeting theme: Health in All Policies

Submission Deadline: Friday, April 24, 2015


The APHA Global Public Health Film Festival features public health films of all varieties (feature films, documentaries, narratives, public service announcements, educational videos, short clips, etc.) and related multimedia that demonstrate, educate, inspire, and encourage change for a healthier future. The APHA Global Public Health Film Festival showcases films from around the world that explore and highlight public health locally, nationally, and globally and will be presented at the APHA Annual Meeting.

The APHA Global Public Health Film Festival is seeking films that embody the following categories:

  • APHA GPH Film Festival - Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
  • APHA GPH Film Festival - Human Trafficking and Exploitation
  • APHA GPH Film Festival - I am Me. Defining Identity
  • APHA GPH Film Festival - Influencing People: Role Models, Stigma, and Stress
  • APHA GPH Film Festival - Inspiring Action and Change through Film (Part 1)
  • APHA GPH Film Festival - Let's talk about Sex. Shame. Power. Violence
  • APHA GPH Film Festival - Storytelling and Community Participatory Approaches
  • APHA GPH Film Festival - The Mind, The Brain, and Navigating Mental Health
  • APHA GPH Film Festival - Trauma, Grief, Hope and Laughter
  • APHA GPH Film Festival Community Health
  • APHA GPH Film Festival Education through film and animation
  • APHA GPH Film Festival Health, Healthcare, and Justice
  • APHA GPH Film Festival Healthy Children
  • APHA GPH Film Festival Inspiring Action through Film (Part 2)
  • APHA GPH Film Festival Inspiring Action through Film (Part 3)
  • APHA GPH Film Festival Processing Experiences through Performance and Creativity
  • APHA GPH Film Festival Toxic Exposures
  • Incomplete
  • Unsorted Films
Please submit films to the session category that best fits your film. All accepted film submissions will be arranged into sessions based upon approach, target audience, topic and length.

Film/Video Eligibility:

Eligible submissions should meet the following criteria:

  • Produced within the last three years
  • Address a public health issue
  • Demonstrate collaboration between the producing agency and the intended audience
  • Be fit for an English language audience (are in English, have English subtitles, or are dubbed in English)

Submitting a Film/Video:

All films must be s part of a submission. Film submissions should include the following information:

  • Aim or objective of the film
  • Target audience
  • Supporting evidence or research for the film’s message
  • Impact or evaluation of film’s influence on target audience and/or public health issue (if any to date)
  • Mention of accompanying materials, documentation, campaigns, programs that are linked to the film (if any to date)
  • A link to the film/video
  • If you wish to submit more extensive supporting evidence or accompanying materials, please submit this information via email to

Film submissions must meet the following format guidelines:

  • Submission length may not be longer than 15 minutes. (If film is longer than 15 minutes, please select a 15-minute segment or compilation for reviewers to view). 
  • Submission must be able to mount the video online via YouTube, Web page, Vimeo, FTP, Dropbox, SkyDrive or other method so that reviewers can access it and, if accepted, it can be downloaded for playback at the Film Festival. (Please include a link to the video (or video clip) you wish to submit within your submission. Preferred format is MP4, 1920x1080 for high definition and 720x480 for standard definition.)
  • If you have difficulty mounting your video to an online platform or meeting the length guidelines, please contact

All films submitted to the APHA Global Public Health Film Festival will be peer reviewed before they are accepted for screening. Films must reflect accepted public health science, findings and recommendations and may not misrepresent or distort facts. Both U.S. and international films are encouraged. Videos that pair health communication strategy with professional production are especially welcome. Accepted films and videos will be grouped into sessions based upon approach, target audience, topic and length. Each Festival session will last 90 minutes.

If your film is selected for the APHA Global Public Health Film Festival, your work will be downloaded as a media file and played back from a media server at the Film Festival. Accepted films that are longer than the 15 minute submission may be eligible for longer viewing at the discretion of the Program Organizer.  

The Film Festival provides a fully equipped meeting room with Internet access, LCD projection capability and theater­quality video projection with stereo audio. There is no additional cost to participants for use of this equipment.

In order for these sessions to be approved for continuing education credit, each submitter must complete the online submission form, including one or more measurable objectives, conflict of interest disclosure and more. If you would like your film to be eligible for a session that receives Continuing Education Credits, please read the Continuing Education Credit section below and comply with all guidelines. 


If you have any questions, please contact Naomi Ranz-Schleifer, MPH at or 617-902-0832.

Video captioning

We strongly encourage film/video submitters to caption their videos so all viewers can fully participate in the Film Festival. Films produced in another language must include captioning or dubbing in English.

There are many programs available that enable video captioning. We do not endorse any specific programs. However, one free and easy‐to‐use tool is YouTube’s closed captioning functionality, which uses speech recognition software to caption videos and allows caption editing before syncing. Alternatively, to maximize the quality of your captioned video/film, you can have your film transcribed first and then sync the text with your video through any commercially available captioning program.

Continuing Education Credit

APHA provides continuing education credit to physicians, nurses, health educators and others certified in public health. When entering a submission, please complete all required information so attendees can earn credit for attending the session in which your film is included. These credits are necessary for many practicing public health professionals to keep their licenses and credentials.

For a session to be eligible for continuing education credit, each presenter must provide the following:

  1. Submission and film must be free of trade and/or commercial product names.
  2. One or more measurable objectives. Objective must show what the learner will be able to do after viewing the film: Describe what? Identify what? List what?
  3. A signed Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form with a relevant qualification statement. Qualification statement must show presenter’s work or educational experience with the subject/topic being presented/discussed.
  4. Scientific evidence to support the film's key messages and recommendations must be presented/cited (multiple sources preferred) in the submission.
  5. On step 3 of the submission form a list of over 30 learning areas will be provided for you to choose. You will be asked to choose at least one or up to six areas that your presentation will address.

Thank you for your assistance in making your session worthy of credit. Contact Annette Ferebee at or Evangeline Savage at if you have questions concerning continuing education.


Program Planner Contact Information:

Naomi Ranz-Schleifer, MPH, Chair, APHA Global Public Health Film Festival
Global Public Health Film Festival
Greensboro, VT
Greensboro, VT 05841
Phone: 617-902-0832

Pamela Luna, DrPH, MEd
Professional Development/Curriculum and Instruction/Community Organizing/Program Management
Consultant-PJ Luna Consulting
Riverside, CA
Riverside, CA 92507
Phone: 951-208-9248

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