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Evaluation of Public Health Related Policies from the American Chiropractic Association: Description of a Quality Improvement Process

Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd, PhD1, A. Carlo Guadagno, DC2, Tony Hamm, DC3, Karen Konarski-Hart, DC3, Delilah Anderson, DC, MS4, Michael Clay Jr., DC, MPH5, Mitchell Haas, DC, MA6, Martha Kaeser, DC, MEd7, Eugene Lewis, DC, MPH8, Dana Madigan, DC, MPH, PhD9 and John Nab, DC10
(1)National University of Health Sciences, Escondido, CA, (2)National University of Health Sciences, Seminole, FL, (3)American Chiropractic Association, (4)Nourishing Medicine, Big Rock, IL, (5)VA Medical Center Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, (6)University of Western States, Portland, OR, (7)Logan University, Chesterfield, MO, (8)Private practice, Greensboro, NC, (9)National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL, (10)Standard Process, Palmyra, WI