Online Program

Leveraging Digital and Social Media to Promote Public Health (organized by HCWG)

Sunday, November 1, 2015: 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Social and digital media can be immensely useful tools for health communication. This poster session provides audience members with a comprehensive and cutting-edge set of tools for leveraging the rapidly changing and emerging landscape of social and digital media channels. Audience members will learn how others have used social and digital media to promote health and come away with best practices for social media-based health campaigns. This session will also provide audience members with a nuanced understanding of how consumers use social media to talk about health, and how unhealthy behaviors are portrayed and promoted in social media.
Session Objectives: Assess relevant new technologies for use in social marketing campaigns. Formulate ideas and plans for a using social media in social marketing campaigns. Explain how individuals use Twitter to talk about health. Describe how corporations are using social media to promote unhealthy behaviors. Describe methods for evaluating social media health campaigns.
Andrea Lowe, MPH, PhD

Board 1
Between knowledge and social support: Health information seeking using mobile phones among low income new mothers   
Lucia Guerra-Reyes, PhD, MPH, MA, Katie Siek, PhD, Asia Harris, Annu Prabhakar and Vanessa M Christie, MPHc
Board 2
Exploring the role of social media in a gender integrated health promotion program   
Candace Robertson-James, DrPH, Meinkeng Acha-Morfaw, BA, Ana Nunez, MD and Lidyvez Mejia, MPH (candidate)
Board 4
Self-Efficacy of Health Education Specialists to Use Social Media: Implications for Training and Organizational Development   
Julia Alber, PhD, MPH, Michael Stellefson, Ph.D., Jay M. Bernhardt, PhD, MPH, Rebeccah Mercado, MS, CHES and Samantha Paige, MPH
Board 5
Did you Tweet from an iPhone or Android? Examining differences in how HPV vaccine is discussed by platform   
Alexandra Budenz, M.A., Amy Leader, DrPH, MPH, Alan Black, Kara Fisher, MPH, Elizabeth deArmas, Ann C. Klassen, PhD and Philip Massey, PhD, MPH
Board 6
Social Media Intervention for Adolescents to Improve Healthy Lifestyles   
Sara Hanks, MPH, Ann Chester, PhD, Cathy Morton-McSwain, EdD, Summer Kuhn, MPH, Merge McMillion, MS and Floyd Jones, PhD
Board 7
Board 8
Application of mobile software "LINE" and telephone counseling on weight control in Taiwan   
Hsin-Nung Kao, Tsan-Hong Liou, Tong-Yun Hsiao, Ya-Chi Chiu, Yi-Wen Chien, Ming-Sung Lin, Ching-Ying Lin and Miauh-Shin Chen
Board 9
Leveraging Best Practices of Behavior Change Science in the Development of mHealth Interventions   
Deborah Van Marter, M.P.H., Leanne Mauriello, Ph.D., Emma de Aguiar, B.A. and Cindy Umanzor, M.P.H.
Board 10
Reaching Adolescents for HPV Immunization Using Social Media: The 3ForMe Campaign   
Salini Mohanty, MPH, Emily Gibble, MPH, Ayla Tolosa, MPH, Marcelo Fernandez-ViƱa, MPH and Caroline Johnson, MD

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Organized by: Public Health Education and Health Promotion
Endorsed by: Community Health Planning and Policy Development