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Health Impact Assessment: An important tool for a “Health in All Policies” approach and the American Journal of Public Health

Monday, November 2, 2015: 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
As attention to addressing social determinants of health continues to grow, it is important to examine efforts that promote health equity beyond the level of the individual or small group. One such approach is Health Impact Assessment (HIA).. HIA is a process that helps evaluate the potential health effects of a program or policy before it is developed or implemented which helps communities make informed choices about improving public health; choices that are especially important for a community’s most vulnerable populations. An HIA can provide guidance and recommendations to achieve optimal health outcomes from policies outside of public health. HIA is an iterative six-step process that employs data from multiple sources and uses various methods to understand the public health implications of developing or implementing a particular program or policy. Stakeholders are engaged and contribute to all stages of the HIA. In this session, and in keeping with the “Health in All Policies” theme of this year’s meeting, members of the editorial team and contributors to the American Journal of Public Health will explain the value of an HIA and describe the steps involved in conducting an HIA from a multi-disciplinary perspective with a specific focus on using the process for evaluating the impact of public health policy.
Gabriel Stover, MPA MSPH

Welcome: Introduce the Journal & Present Awards - Deborah Holtzman

HIA in Context: Frame HIAs & Set up panel and panelists - Michael Greenberg, Deborah Holtzman

Academic Institution: Discuss strengths & weakness of the method using a Case Study (suburban/rural focus) - Karen Lowrie, Jeanne Herb

Health Department: Kane County Health Department to discuss the City/statewide perspective - Barbara J. Jeffers, MPHI, Paul Campbell Erwin

Community Based Organization: Community Health Councils to disucss importance of community engagement in HIA using a Case Study (urban focus) - Gwen Flynn, BA, Gabriel N. Stover

Q & A

Implications for: Public Health & Journal - Roy Grant, Deborah Holtzman

Q & A

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