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Chronic Illness Roundtable

Tuesday, November 3, 2015: 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
This roundtable session features presentations on a variety of chronic illness topics, including self-care behaviors and interventions, adherence, health literacy, and strategies for cancer prevention. The presentations address multiple chronic illnesses and populations.
Session Objectives: Identify the effect of self-management intervention on patient blood glucose control, diabetes knowledge, or behavior change among Asian Americans with diabetes. Evaluate adherence to multiple therapies among elderly antidiabetic drug users. Describe recent statistics and evidence that highlight potential opportunities for cancer prevention at midlife and beyond. Discuss the benefits and risks of mobile health applications. Discuss the health implications of non-adherence to hemoglobin A1c guidelines and the impact on outcomes among older adults with diabetes. Describe Latinos' adherence to hypertension self-care practices. Discuss the development of a nurses toolkit designed to address the needs of rheumatoid arthritis patients Explain the Care Transitions Intervention and project outcomes Discuss community education programs that focus on enhancing self-management skills Identify the current interventions and strategies used in the management of chronic diseases in Europe Explain the relationship between health literacy and chronic illness self-management. Assess the relationship between race, socioeconomic status, and rural/urban location and its effects on Type 2 diabetes education among North Carolina adults.
Steven A. Cohen, DrPH, MPH

Table 1
Midlife: A Critical Period in the Life Course for Cancer Risk and Prevention   
Mary C. White, ScD, Meredith Shoemaker, MPH, Dawn Holman, MPH, Lucy Peipins, PhD, Jennifer Boehm, MPH and S. Jane Henley, MSPH
Table 2
Monitoring health on the go: The privacy implications of diabetes apps   
Sarah Blenner, JD, MPH, Lori Andrews, JD, Melanie Koellmer, PhD, Nadia Daneshvar, MPH and Adam Rouse, JD, LLM
Table 3
Table 4
Translation and Testing of a Scale to Assess Hypertension Self-Care Activities among Latinos   
Jan Warren-Findlow, PhD, Celia Karp, BSPH, Maren Coffman, PhD, RN, CNE and Erin Vinoski, MPH, CHES
Table 5
A Nurses' Toolkit for RA   
Aicha Diallo-Bennett, MPH,CHES, Sharon Jaycox Daitz, MS and Eileen Lydon, NP, ANP-C
Table 7
Table 9
Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Rurality Influences on Type 2 Diabetes Management Among North Carolina Adults   
Crystal Piper, MPH, MHA, PhD, Shilpa Chalakalal, MSPH, Neethu Sebastian, MPH, Tatreka Polite-Middleton, MSPH, Shweta Shah, MHA and Fred Martin, MBA

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Organized by: Aging & Public Health
Endorsed by: Medical Care Section, Vision Care, Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health, Community Health Planning and Policy Development

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