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Poster #5// Social Determinants of Health: Policy and Practice Perspectives

Wednesday, November 4, 2015: 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Board 1
Exploring Facilitators and Barriers of a Statewide Rollout to End Homelessness   
Mary-Kate Duffy, B.A., Leon Sawh, MPH, Cheryl Kennedy-Perez, MSW, David Smelson, Psy.D. and Alice Colegrove, DrPh
Board 2
Ideation versus Disclosed Intent: Using CalEVDRS data to track precipitating circumstances of suicides in Los Angeles County, 2010 - 2011   
Nicolle Perras, MA, MPH, Isabelle Sternfeld, MSPH, Kelly Fischer, MA and Andrea Welsing, MPH
Board 3
Improved measurement of family functioning for military populations   
Hilary Aralis, MS, Li-Jung Liang, PhD, Maegan Sinclair, MPH, Alan Semaan, Kirsten Woodward, MSW, LCSW, Patricia Lester, MD and Norweeta Milburn, PhD
Board 4
Premature Mortality Among Public Mental Health Clients Enrolled in Medicaid   
Mia Papas, PhD, Mary Joan McDuffie, MA, Katie Gifford, PhD, Noel Mazade, PhD, Amanda L. Botticello, PhD, MPH, David Tulsky, PhD, Ryan Pohlig, PhD, MHS and Gerard Gallucci, PhD, MHS
Board 7
Comparison of Risk and Well-being Scores Among Minorities and Caucasians Utilizing Telepsychology Services   
William Bell, Alejandra Sequeira, M.Ed., Olufunmilola Osofundiya, M.B.Ch.B, Jessica Chang, M.Ed., Carly McCord, Ph.D. and Timothy Elliott, Ph.D.
Board 8
Different Pathways to Pospartum Depression: Early-onset versus Late-onset Depression   
Catherine L. Kothari, PhD, Amy B. Curtis, PhD, MPH, R. Shama Tareen, MD and Michael R. Liepman, MD, DABAM, DLFAPA, FASAM
Board 10
Correlations between gambling and diagnosis of mental health disorders adjusting for health insurance coverage and primary care physician access   
Lawrence Pellegrini, MSW, MPA, PhD candidate, Rosa Rodriguez-Monguio, PhD, MS, Robin Clark, PhD, Jing Qian, PhD and Rachel Volberg, PhD

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