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APHA GPH Film Festival - Rape, Society and the role of hyper masculinity

Tuesday, November 3, 2015: 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Film Showing
In reviewing the literature on rape and sexual assault terms such as epidemic, pandemic, widespread, crisis and rampant are commonly used to describe its prevalence. Those working in this area are not surprised and yet we must understand how this can be and why is it so? Through this process we must turn towards the society we live in and examine the cultural, social and other factors that contribute to this abuse. Are there shifts in attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and understandings that can propel change and reduce these acts of violence? Our collection of films are doing just that---although this is a disturbing topic and the films depict disturbing images and accounts, it is in fact the reality of violence-it is not pretty. As professionals working to advance health and combat violence, we are in pivotal positions to start the conversation, focus on prevention and assist those who have been injured to find the path to recovery and wholeness. Whether it happens on a bus, or on a college campus we all have a stake in taking a stand against rape and other forms of sexual assault. This session will also feature a unique and engaging educational interactive on-line drama that has become wildly popular on social media and especially in the UK where it was created, where the viewer’s choices and decisions have an immediate impact on the direction of the story line. Post-screening, a panel of noted experts will discuss the use of film and how it has been used to shift the conversation and inspire big change---You don’t want to miss this session! This session was planned in conjunction with the Global Health Film Festival of the Royal Society of Medicine – London, partnering with APHA to combat this global abuse of human rights through our coordinated film festival sessions. Note: these films include graphic images and content that may disturb viewers or trigger post-traumatic response. A discussion will follow with representatives from The Mask You Live In and TryLife.
Session Objectives: Describe the role of hyper masculinity in sexual violence. Explain how films can be used to inspire large-scale social movements.
Pamela Luna, DrPH, MST and Naomi Ranz-Schleifer, MPH, Chair, APHA Global Public Health Film Festival

India's Daughter    FilmClosedCaptioned

Leslee Udwin, Filmmaker
Hunting Ground   

Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering
Til It Happens To You (PSA/Music Video)   

Diane Warren, Lady Gaga and Kirby Dick
Mask You Live in   

Kristen Joiner, President, The Representation Project and Lise Eliot, PhD

Paul Irwin, Nicky Kaur-Nagi and Uy Hoang, MD

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Organized by: APHA-Global Public Health Film Festival
Endorsed by: HIV/AIDS, International Health, Public Health Education and Health Promotion, School Health Education and Services, APHA-Committee on Women's Rights

CE Credits: Medical (CME), Health Education (CHES), Nursing (CNE), Public Health (CPH)