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Sunday Poster // In School and on the Street: Transition-Age Youth Mental Health

Sunday, November 1, 2015: 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Board 2
Trauma and mental health of gang involved homeless youth   
Robin Petering, MSW and Eric Rice, PhD
Board 3
Impact of Bullying on Risky Behaviors in Middle and High School Students   
Jacob Warren, PhD, MBA, K. Bryant Smalley, PhD, PsyD, MBA and K. Nikki Barefoot, Psy.D.
Board 4
Perceived Confidence in Mental Health Help-Seeking among Students   
Rebecca A. Vidourek, PhD, CHES, Keith King, PhD, MCHES, Ashley Merianos, PhD, CHES, Laura Nabors, PhD and Amanda Lynch, MS
Board 5
Mental Health Help-Seeking Behavior of Cultural Minority Groups among College Students   
Maureen Monahan, M.A., Melanie Bozzay, B.S., Lindsey Steding, M.S., Kimberly Gryglewicz, PhD, MSW, LaDonna Gleason, B.A. and Marc Karver, Ph.D.
Board 6
Board 7
Is there an (Evidence-based) App for That? A Review of Mental Health Management Apps Available for Adolescents and Young Adults   
Jessica Spigner, MS, William Parker Hinson, MPH, CPH, CĂ©sar Escobar-Viera, MD, MPH and Mark Hart, Ed.D., M.A.L.S.
Board 8
Looking into Screen Time: Mental Health and Binge Watching   
Jessica Sloan Kruger, MSHE, Monita Karmakar, M.S. , Ph.D. student, Jon Elhai, Ph.D. and Alaina Kramer, B.S., CHES
Board 9
Sense of Community, Academic Performance, and Psychological Distress among Medical Students at One Northeastern School   
Milan Satcher, BS, Katherine Brooks, BA, Kathleen Boyd, MSW, LICSW and Herbert Rakatansky, MD
Board 10
Mental health and mental illness information preferences of undergraduate students   
Mindy Menn, PhD, CHES, Caroline Payne-Purvis, PhD and Don Chaney, PhD, MCHES

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