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Poster session: Health care services utilization, quality of care and patient satisfaction

Monday, November 2, 2015: 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Board 1
Living with Hepatitis C: A Vermont Needs Assessment   
Amy Schumer, Alexandra Brown, Justin Genziano, Julia Powers, Samy Ramadan, Matthew Shear, Katherine Wang, Thomas V. Delaney, PhD, Peter Jacobsen, Jerry Larrabee, MD and Jan K. Carney, MD MPH
Board 2
Follow-Up Care Using Health Information Technology After a Hospital Discharge   
Sandeep Sharma, MD, DrPH, Barbara Rabin Fastman, MHA, Eyal Shemesh, MD and Lawrence Kleinman, MD, MPH
Board 3
Board 4
Frequent emergency department utilization across four common chronic conditions   
Sara Heinert, MPH, Stephen Brown, LCSW, Denise Quander, LCSW, Francisco Moreno, BA, Surrey Walton, PhD, Cherise Rosen, PhD and Terry VandenHoek, MD
Board 5
Social determinants of physician care utilization vary by generational status for Mexican-identified Californians   
Mariaelena Gonzalez, Ph.D., Jennifer Mendiola, M.A., Anna V. Song, PhD, Lillian Diaz Rios, PhD and Mary V. Modayil, MSPH, PhD
Board 6
Illinois Emergency Department Utilization: Patterns and Trends in Access to Care and Health Equity   
Barbara Fischer, RN, Anh-Thu Runez, MPH and Mary Driscoll, RN, MPH
Board 7
Aligning Cost and Quality to Achieve Excellence in Surgical Care   
Olivia Ross, MPH, MBA and Rachel Lee
Board 10
Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Costs in the US: Findings from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey 2008-2012   
Mohammad Rifat Haider, MBBS, MHE, MPS, Zaina Qureshi, PhD, MPH, MS, Ronnie Horner, PhD, Sudha Xirasagar, MBBS, PhD and M. Mahmud Khan, PhD

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