Online Program

Environment, Healthy and Resilient Communities, and Aging

Sunday, November 1, 2015: 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Board 1
Tougaloo College Active Life Program: Aging in Place   
Sandra Hayes, DrPH and Patrice Jacobs
Board 2
Variations in community prevalence and determinants of recreational vs. utilitarian walking in older age   
Elizabeth Procter-Gray, PhD, Suzanne Leveille, PhD, Marian Hannan, DSc, MPH, Jie Cheng, MS, Kevin Kane, MS and Wenjun Li, PhD
Board 3
A Health Care Network for Seniors in the Aging Community   
Jiawen Zhou, MD, Barbara Smith, MPH, Lily Hsu, RN,MSN, Qian Geng, Ph.D, Sandra Dalebout and Katie Kowalski, MPH
Board 4
Developing core indicators of age-friendly cities: A global pilot project   
Megumi Kano, DrPH, Paul Rosenberg, MIA and Amit Prasad, MA, MPA/ID
Board 6
Short-term Effect of Hurricane Sandy on Diabetes Related Hospitalizations in New Jersey   
Mangala Rajan, MBA, Amy Davidow, Phd, Soyeon Kim, ScD, Pauline Thomas, MD and Marian Passannante, PhD
Board 7
Assessment and analysis of housing accessibility: An instrument for individual or population-level housing interventions to support health   
Laura Lien, PhD, Carmen Steggell, PhD, Björn Slaug, PhD and Susanne Iwarsson, PhD
Board 9
Geographic variation in rural-urban obesity rates in older adults: Evidence from a national survey   
Steven A. Cohen, DrPH, MPH, Lauren Kelley, MPH, CHES, Sarah Cook, MPH, Julia Foutz, MPH and Trisha Sando, DPT, CWS, MSc

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Organized by: Aging & Public Health
Endorsed by: Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health, Community Health Planning and Policy Development, APHA-Committee on Women's Rights

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