CALL FOR ABSTRACTS — APHA's 2020 Annual Meeting and Expo

Public Health Nursing

Meeting theme: Creating the Healthiest Nation: Preventing Violence

Submission Deadline: Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Public Health Nursing Section welcomes individual abstracts and full session proposals for 2020 that encompass a public health focus in the areas listed below (authors will make their preferred selection during submission):
  • Championing Social Justice
  • Encouraging Population-Based Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Engaging Leadership and Advocacy
  • Researching Public Health and Evidence-Based Interventions
  • Special Call: Disrupting Oppressive, Racist, and Colonizing Narratives and Practices
  • Strategizing Population Health Promotion
  • Targeting Population Health
For the special call, abstracts are sought that identify narratives and practices in nursing and public health that perpetuate oppressive, racist, and/or colonizing dynamics and how such narratives or practices can be disrupted through social justice approaches. These abstracts should be grounded in a sociohistorical context and relevant theory, linked to the work of public health, and include specific, action-oriented recommendations for disrupting these narratives or practices.

Individual abstracts may be submitted for oral, poster, or roundtable presentation (although they may be reassigned by program planners).

Full Sessions proposals require a coordinator (usually an abstract author) and include 3-5 individually submitted abstracts for oral presentation and are reviewed through the regular submission process. Abstract authors should indicate in the submission comments section to which full session they belong.

Abstract Format

Limit abstracts to 250 words, using one of three formats (unstructured abstracts are not accepted):

  1. Research:
  • Background
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  1. Lessons-learned:
  • Background/ Issue
  • Description
  • Lessons Learned
  • Implications/recommendations
  1. Narrative:
  • Statement of the problem
  • Approach
  • Product/outcome
  • Implications

Review Criteria

All abstracts will be blind-reviewed by 2-3 reviewers using the following criteria:

  1. Importance of the issue
  2. Innovative methods
  3. Soundness of the science
  4. Substantive nature of the work
  5. Compelling conclusions

To match reviewer expertise to abstracts submitted, please also indicate in the submission comments field which area below most reflects the area of work described in your abstract:

(1) Research

(2) Education

(3) Practice

Continuing Education Credit

APHA values the ability to provide continuing education credit to physicians, nurses, health educators, veterinarians, and those certified in public health at its annual meeting. Please complete all required information when submitting an abstract so members can claim credit for attending your session. These credits are necessary for members to keep their licenses and credentials.

For a session to be eligible for Continuing Education Credit, each presenter must provide:

  • An abstract free of trade and/or commercial product names
  • At least one MEASURABLE outcomes (DO NOT USE “To understand” or “To learn” as objectives, they are not measurable). Examples of Acceptable Measurable Action Words:  Explain, Demonstrate, Analyze, Formulate, Discuss, Compare, Differentiate, Describe, Name, Assess, Evaluate, Identify, Design, Define or List.
  • A signed Conflict of Interest (Disclosure) form with a relevant Qualification Statement. See an example of an acceptable Qualification Statement on the online Disclosure form.

Contact Mighty Fine at if you have any questions concerning continuing education credit. Please contact the program planner for all other questions.


Program Planner Contact Information:

Tracy Booth, EdD, BSN, RN
College of Nursing
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
900 College St.
Box 8015
Belton, TX 76513
Phone: 254-295-4670
Fax: 254-295-4141

Maria deValpine, RN MSN PhD
School of Nursing
James Madison University
MSC 4305 820 Madison Drive
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Phone: 5405687638