To submit an abstract to APHA you must:
  1. Select a topic from the call for papers of your Section/SPIG/Caucus (Reached by clicking on the name of the Section/SPIG/Caucus at Online Abstract Submission page )
  2. Enter a title. You must comply with the Guidelines for Entering a Title.
  3. Enter the submitter's e-mail address. An e-mail is sent to the submitter. You must also enter an e-mail address for each author.
  4. Tell us your preferred method of presentation
    • Oral only
    • Oral prefferred
    • Poster only
    • No preference
  5. Describe learning objectives (See How to create your Learning Objectives)
    Abstracts submitted without specific learning objectives risk either not being considered for the program, OR jeopardizing the future session's eligibility for continuing education credit approval.
  6. Target Audience (Optional) - The purpose of the Abstract/paper (see above) should meet the needs of a target audience. APHA's annual meeting as a whole targets public health professionals. If there is a specific audience of public health professionals that would be especially interested by the research to be presented, indicate who that population is. NOTE: Consider the target audience as a "highlighted" segment of the general public health professional population, not a limitation on it.(For example, "CHES working with teenage mothers", "physicians involved in HIV/AIDS policymaking", "social workers counseling families of cancer patients".
  7. Suggest two keywords (Optional). See complete list of Keywords.
  8. Comments to Organizers (Optional) e.g. nonstandard key words, special needs, "group with other paper" (include the abstract ID of the other paper), related reading/reference.
  9. Disclose any organization or institution whose products or services will be discussed and for which there is a potential conflict of interest.
  10. Related Web Page (Optional)
  11. Provide an abstract text (typically 250 words). Do not repeat any of the above information. APHA doesn't require references but if you wish to add them to your submission, please use the Comments To Organizers box on the Title step of your submission. Please do not include your references in the abstract text.
    NOTE: The reference information will not affect the acceptance/rejection of your abstract submission.
  12. Provide a 2-page summary (up to 2000 words) in addition to the abstract if required. NOTE: Only a few Sections/SPIGs/Caucuses actually require this additional text. Please check the call for papers.
  13. List all authors, identifying one and ONLY one presenter.

For each author:

  1. You must provide the following:
    • Full first or middle name (as in Frédéric F. Chopin or F. Scott Fitzgerald)
    • Last Name
    • Credentials
    • Workplace or school (e.g. Harvard University)
    • Street address or P.O. Box (Please do not repeat workplace or school name here.)
    • City
    • State/Province (US and Canada only)
    • Country
    • Phone Number
    • e-mail Address
  2. You may provide the following information for each author, but it is not required:
    • Fax Number
    • Department/Group
    • Address Line 2
    • Student? (Y/N)
    • Individual Member of APHA? (Y/N)
    • Member of this Section/SPIG/Caucus? (Y/N)
    • Membership number (If available)
    • Primary Section Affiliation
    • Secondary Section Affiliation
  3. The Conflict Of Interests form must be completed by the presenting author (Read the APHA disclosure policy)
    Presenter's Signature