CALL FOR ABSTRACTS — APHA 2021 Annual Meeting and Expo

Chiropractic Health Care

Meeting theme: "Creating the Healthiest Nation: Strengthening Social Connectedness"

Submission Deadline: Sunday, March 21, 2021

Call for Abstracts APHA CHC 2021

This call for abstracts will consider scientific presentations in areas related to public health and Chiropractic Health Care section priority topics. The highest quality scientific submissions will be selected.

The deadline for submission of abstracts for the Chiropractic Health Care section is March 21, 2021. Those who submit will be notified by email of their status in June.

The Chiropractic Health Care Section of the American Public Health Association (APHA-CHC) invites abstracts for presentation at the 2021 Annual Meeting to be held in Denver, Colorado from October 23-27, 2021. 
Topics related to this year's theme, “Creating the Healthiest Nation: Strengthening Social Connectedness” and in all areas related to chiropractic health care will receive high priority.

Study designs may include: clinical trials, cohort studies, population based research, cost/clinical effectiveness, surveys, educational programs, and other research designs.

Topics of interest include:

  • COVID-19 and Telehealth: Innovative Practice during a Global Pandemic
    Such as prevention of  spinal disorders, nerve & musculoskeletal injuries, and physical & mental stress during the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • Conservative Management of Chronic Diseases and Conditions in Special Populations
    Back & neck pain, osteoarthritis & osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease & stroke in special populations such as the underserved or veterans.
  • Prevention of Neurological & Musculoskeletal Conditions
    Such as physical activity & exercise, healthy diet & nutrition, tobacco & drug free living, and injury-free daily living, work, & play
  • Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles and Mindful Living
    Such as physical activity & exercise, healthy diet & nutrition, tobacco & drug free living, and injury-free daily living, work, & play
  • Public Health & Chiropractic Practice
    Such as prevention & promotion and a focus on the classroom, clinic, & community.
The structured abstract is limited to 250 words. The abstract should consist of 4 paragraphs, labeled: Objectives, Methods (include relevant information such as design, subjects/population, setting, statistical methods, etc), Results, and Conclusions. Abstracts must be submitted electronically through the APHA website.

This Call for Abstracts for the APHA-CHC scientific sessions requests papers that present: Original empirical work (e.g. scientific studies, program evaluations, or organizational case studies), or noteworthy advances in methodology or analysis; Innovative integrative scholarship and scientific work; Programmatic reports of significant research infrastructure development; Programmatic reports of health professions curricular development or educational research; Substantive policy analyses (e.g. systems-wide assessments or policy case-studies); Informative reports on program or project management and development; Other similarly noteworthy, innovative, or informative reports and studies.

**An author's paper may not have been presented or published prior to its presentation at the Annual Meeting. All presenters must become individual members of APHA and must register for the Annual Meeting to make their presentation.**

APHA values the ability to provide continuing education credit to physicians, nurses, health educators, veterinarians, and those certified in public health at its annual meeting. Please complete all required information when submitting an abstract so members can claim credit for attending your session. These credits are necessary for members to keep their licenses and credentials.

For a session to be eligible for Continuing Education Credit, each presenter must provide:

  • An abstract free of trade and/or commercial product names.
  • At least one MEASURABLE outcomes (DO NOT USE “To understand” or “To learn” as objectives, they are not measurable). Examples of Acceptable Measurable Action Words: Explain, Demonstrate, Analyze, Formulate, Discuss, Compare, Differentiate, Describe, Name, Assess, Evaluate, Identify, Design, Define or List.
  • A signed Conflict of Interest (Disclosure) form with a relevant Qualification Statement. See an example of an acceptable Qualification Statement on the online Disclosure form.
Contact Mighty Fine at if you have any questions concerning continuing education credit. Please contact the program planner for all other questions.


Program Planner Contact Information:

Jason Napuli


Dana Madigan