CALL FOR FILM SUBMISSIONS — APHA 2021 Annual Meeting and Expo

APHA Public Health Film Festival - Feature Films

Meeting theme: "Creating the Healthiest Nation: Strengthening Social Connectedness"

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Submit a full-length film (30 min+) for the opportunity to have it screened at APHA 2021 and be a part of a live panel of filmmakers where you will discuss your film and other related films. 

APHA's Public Health Film Festival will screen a mix of feature and short films during the Annual Meeting, Oct. 24-27. The Film Festival highlights public health locally, nationally, and globally and welcomesall types of submissions including independent, community-created, and youth-created films.   

APHA’s feature film sessions will take place in Denver or onlineDuring the submission process you will indicate if you would like to be in-person or virtual.  All films will be available for on-demand viewing three months after the meeting.  

Films can be animations, documentaries, narratives, and educational videos. All should demonstrate, educate, inspire, and encourage a change for a healthier future. While films from all disciplines of public health will be considered, films related to the APHA 2021 theme, “Creating the Healthiest Nation: Strengthening Social Connectedness” are highly encouraged. All submissions are peer-reviewed and scored before selection.   

Attendance Requirements:  

All submitters whose films have been selected for screening onsite in Denver, must register for the meeting on the day of their scheduled film. No compensation is provided for showing your film, but you may be eligible for a 1-day pass to present your film if you are not planning to attend the rest of the conference. 

Film/Video Eligibility 

Eligible submissions should meet the following criteria: 

  • Be accessible to an English language audience (English language or subtitles) 
  • Be open captioned in English (captions should be burnt into the film so they are always visible). 
  • Reflect credible, science-based facts and recommendations and must not misrepresent or distort facts. 

Submission Guidelines 

1. The submitter must be affiliated with the film. 

2. Films must be uploaded in an MP4 format.  The preferred sizes are 1920x1080 for high definition and 720x480 for standard definition. 

3. Films must be submitted with a synopsis or summary of the work (200 words or less). The film synopsis should include the following information. 

  1. Description of the film 
  2. Intended audience
  3. Supporting evidence or objective for the film’s message
  4. Mention of campaigns or programs that are linked to the film (if any to date)

4. Submitter must provide a link to the trailer

5. If you wish to submit accompanying materials or have difficulty uploading your video to our online platform, please contact one of the program planners below

This year, we will be considering four themes or focus areas for our feature sessions:

  • Building Social Support in Our Communities and Cities
    Social support plays a tremendous role in one’s psychological and physical health. The films under this theme should focus on local efforts to advocate for social support among its population and recognize the projects, organizations, and education that are bringing this focus to communities.
  • Countering the Infodemic of misinformation/Disinformation in Health
    Advances in communication technologies have provided the public with quick access to health information. Unfortunately, much of the information shared contradicts, skews or blatantly redirects the public away from credible, important, and fact-based public health information. This misinformation has a significant impact on public trust, health behaviors, and can be harmful to individual physical and mental health. The films under this theme should focus on efforts by individuals, health organizations, healthcare facilities, and others to promote the spread of accurate health information or counter misinformation and disinformation in the field of public health.
  • Mental Health, Trauma, and Social Support
    Individuals and families coping with trauma and mental health issues face a system that is understaffed and underfunded. Social support is proven to be an essential need for individuals and families, yet many never receive the support they need due to stigma and a lack of understanding. The films under this theme should focus on the intersection between trauma, mental health, and social support. Films could focus on concepts like mental illness disclosure, social support resources (or a lack of), mental health crises and trauma, impacts of mental health trauma on children, pandemic-related trauma, and more.
  • Student Created
    These should be films made by students (at any level) and can cover any health- related topic. These films can be shorter than the 30-minute minimum time limit for feature films but must be well executed and tell a story.
  • Other

If you have any questions, please contact us at  


Program Planner Contact Information:

Donna Wright,


Angelica Walker,


Emily Lilo, PhD, MPH


Linda Bergonzi-King, MPH


Lisa German,


Mario Dozal, PhD


Nora Lindner, MPH


Renata Schiavo, PhD, MA, CCL


Gabriela Morales, PhD


Katharine Beardmore,