CALL FOR ABSTRACTS — APHA 2023 Annual Meeting and Expo

Peace Caucus

Meeting theme: "Creating the Healthiest Nation: Overcoming Social and Ethical Challenges"

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 31, 2023

The Caucus was founded at the 1985 APHA national meeting and strives to educate and engage the influential voice of public health professionals in efforts to promote peace. Through outreach and educational activities, we strive to illuminate that peace, human rights, and social justice are key determinants of the health of individuals and communities across the globe.

We seek abstracts that focus on the broad range of health consequences of war, armed conflict, and structural violence as well as solutions and primary prevention of these health harms both within the United States and globally and organize at least three sessions with the following functions:

  • A session highlighting innovative research for determining the health impacts of war and conflict
  • A session conceptualizing and demonstrating the practice of primary prevention of war and conflict, including implementation of research findings into policy
  • A roundtable session of individuals, organizations, and campaigns engaged in intersectional peace and health activism and advocacy

Additional sessions are organized around specific topics with other caucuses, sections, SPIGS, etc. at the initiation of our members who are active within or have connections to these entities. 

Relevant themes and topics include (please do not be completely constrained by this list as sessions will be developed from submissions):

  • Health Impacts of War and Conflict on Civilians, Combatants and Military Personnel, and Veterans
  • Health Impacts of War and Conflict on the Environment
  • Intersectional Organizing Perspectives on Peace and Health
    Intersectional organizing perspectives on peace and health, including the climate crisis and/or social and racial justice
  • Nuclear War and Weapons
  • Peace, Security, and Economic Priorities
    Peace, security, and economic priorities, including domestic and global health security agendas and the U.S. military budget
  • Primary Prevention of War and Promoting Peace
    Primary prevention of war and promoting peace, including teaching in the health professions toward prevention of war
  • Social Determinants of War and Conflict
    Social determinants of war and conflict including militarism and structural violence

You can browse our past programs at We also welcome abstracts that will advance the uptake of APHA’s 2009 policy “The Role of Public Health Practitioners, Academics, and Advocates in Relation to Armed Conflict and War" within and beyond APHA.

Do you have questions about your submission or want to organize a session? Please contact program planners Patrice Sutton and Anlan Cheney.


You may also be interested in submitting a nomination for the Victor Sidel and Barry Levy Award for Peace which is awarded to an APHA member who has made outstanding contributions to preventing war and promoting peace. The award draws attention to the profound health consequences of war and what public health workers can do to help prevent war and promote peace. The award was endowed by two past presidents of APHA, Victor W. Sidel, MD, and Barry S. Levy, MD, MPH, who have edited books, written papers and spoken widely on war and public health. Find more information and a nomination form here.


Program Planner Contact Information:

Patrice Sutton,


Anlan Cheney, MPH, MA


Jonathan King, B.S. in Zoology from Yale U.; Ph. D. in Genetics from Caltech