CALL FOR ABSTRACTS — APHA 2024 Annual Meeting and Expo

One Health

Meeting theme: "Rebuilding Trust in Public Health and Science"

Submission Deadline: Friday, March 29, 2024

Topics considered will include those related to One Health issues.

These include but are not limited to: animal-human-ecosystem interactions, zoonoses and vector-borne diseases, food safety, antimicrobial resistance, waste management, agriculture and animal husbandry, climate change, integrative and traditional health practices, the human-animal bond, service animals and working animals, access to veterinary care, social determinants of health related to human-animal-environmental factors, One Health in conflicts and disasters (natural and manmade), and other themes related to Veterinary Public Health and Planetary Health.

  • Canaries in the Coal Mine: One Health Approaches to Emerging and Re-Emerging Health Issues
    Potential topics include: antibiotic resistance in animal, human, and ecosystem health; waste management; zoonoses and vector-borne diseases; using animals and the environment as sentinels for emerging diseases, reemerging diseases, and effects of climate change.
  • One Health in Crisis: The Intersection of Human, Animal, and Ecosystem Health in Conflicts and Disasters
    Potential topics include: animal, human, and ecosystem health in the context of conflicts (e.g. armed conflict, conflicts borne of systems of oppression, etc.) and natural and man-made disasters (e.g. hurricanes, drought, oil spills, etc.).
  • Social Determinants of One Health
    Potential topics include: the human-animal bond; service animals and disability; animal-human-ecosystem interactions; access to care; how policies, systems, and environment affect the health of animals, humans, and ecosystems; science communication and One Health; and community-level approaches to One Health.
  • Tastes like Chicken: One Health and Food Safety
    Potential topics include: science communication around food safety, surveillance methods for infectious diseases, policies related to One Health in food systems.
  • Using the One Health Framework to Address Worker, Animal, and Ecosystem Health
    Potential topics include: chronic and communicable diseases in fields such as agriculture, animal husbandry, workers’ rights, migrant health, and policies related to One Health in the workplace.

    All accepted abstracts will be grouped into appropriate sessions using the suggestions above as a guide. However, all One Health topics will be considered.

    The One Health program will consist of:

    • at least one poster session
    • two or three 90-minute sessions, each consisting of four 15-20 minute presentations

    All accepted abstracts will be grouped into appropriate sessions using the suggestions above as a guide. However, all One Health topics will be considered. Submitted abstracts may also be appropriate for planned co-sessions with other APHA Sections and Caucuses (including but not limited to: International Health; Environmental Health; Epidemiology; Injury Control and Preventative Health Services; Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices; Occupational Health and Safety; Ethics; the Peace Caucus; and more! One Health is inherently interdisciplinary!)


    Program Planner Contact Information:

    Stephanie Masiello Schuette,


    Thomas Doker, DVM, DACVPM, MPH


    Anna Makaretz, ScM, MPH