3188.0: Monday, November 13, 2000 - 4:35 PM

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Ten Essential Services - The basis for workforce, expenditure monitoring and performance measurement

Christopher G. Atchison, MPA1, Ron Bialek2, Norma Fox Kanarek, MPH, PhD2, and Lawrence Barker3. (1) College of Public Health, University of Iowa, 2734 Steindler Building, Iowa City, IA 52242, 319-335-9624, chris-atchison@uiowa.edu, (2) Public Health Foundation, 1220 L. St, Suite 350, Washington, DC 20005, 202/898-5600, rbialek@phf.org, (3) Scott County Health Department, 428 Western Ave, Davenport, IA 52801, 319-326-8618, LEB6@aol.com

The Public Health Leadership Society, an organization representing over 200 leaders of public health programs at the national, state and local levels, conducts annual forums examining issues critical to the management and future of public health practice. The last two meetings have focused on the public health workforce and performance measurement. Emerging as a critical component for the development of both of these needs is the implementation of the 10 Essential Services as a standard practice taxonomy. Additionally, efforts have also begun to utilize the Essential Services as a framework for the development of more flexible budgets at the state and local levels. This presentation will review both the considerations of the Public Health Leadership Society and the work of the Public Health Expenditures Project as they have each addressed the application of the 10 Essential Services.

Learning Objectives: 1. Recognize the application of the 10 essential services to the critical public health administration functions of personnel, budgeting and performance measurement 2. Understand how state and local agencies have applied the 10 essential services to their operations 3. Discuss how the essential services taxonomy can be better applied to created a coordinated public health system

Keywords: Essential Public Health Services, Management

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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA