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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA
Boston, MA (Nov 12-16, 2000)

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Saturday, November 11, 2000

8:00 AM-11:00 AM Sat
1.0Demonstration session ()
1.0Distance Learning in Public Health ()

8:30 AM-12:30 PM Sat
 1001.0Integration of Smoking Cessation/Reduction in Pregnancy Treatment Model into Maternity Care and Practice ()
1002.0Caring for Refugees and Survivors of Torture ()
1003.0Jump-Starting your move to Effective Interprofessional Collaborations ()

8:30 AM-4:30 PM Sat
1004.0Helping Sedentary Americans Become Physically Active ()
1005.0Lifelong Learning via Distance Learning for Public Health Practitioners ()
1006.0Using the Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) Project Health Status Reports for County Health Improvements ()
1010.0Framework for Community Organization Utilizing Community Health Workers: Part I ()
1011.0Building Coalitions between Organizations: Part I ()

1:30 PM-5:30 PM Sat
1007.0Using Team Learning to Teach Health Promotion ()
1008.0Effective Medical Searching on the Internet ()
1009.0Environmental Justice and Public Health ()

Sunday, November 12, 2000

8:30 AM-12:30 PM Sun
 2012.0Eye Protection During Work and Play ()
2013.0Brand New Day for Public Health ()
2014.0Using Knowledge Resources for Evidence-Based Practice ()

8:30 AM-4:30 PM Sun
2015.0Mold and Mildew in Indoor Environments - Why the big fuzz and what should we do about it? ()
2016.0Maternal and Child Health Community Leadership Institute: Measuring Social Capital ()
2022.0Human Rights for Public Health Professionals ()

1:00 PM-5:00 PM Sun
2.0Another Test Area ()
2.0A New Topic ()

1:30 PM-5:30 PM Sun
2018.0Asthma Management and Education ()
2019.0Environmental Destruction: Health Consequences, Social Injustices, Ethics, and the Role of Physicians and Health Care Institutions ()
2020.0Integrating Knowledge about Youth Culture into Substance Abuse Prevention Practice ()
2021.0Women's Health and Public Policy ()

Monday, November 13, 2000

10:00 AM-12:00 PM Mon
 3000.0APHA Opening General Session ()

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Mon
3001.0Minority Health Professions Pipeline: Developing Faculty and Practitioners ()
3002.0Human Papilloma Virus: Public Health, Sociopolitical and Therapeutic Controversies ()
3003.0Monitoring and Countering Tobacco Industry Influence ()
3004.0Improving Prevention and Treatment ()
3005.0ACHP in Substance Abuse Treatment ()
3006.0Poster Session: American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian Caucus ()
3006.1Committee on Affiliates Student Poster Competition ()
3006.2Affiliate Posters ()
3006.3Online Drug Information: Data and Information Delivered Over the Web ()
3006.5CUBA Through the Eyes of MEDICC: Looking Behind the Indicators ()
3007.0Diabetes, Hepatitis B, and TB among Asian Pacific Islanders ()
3008.0Addressing the underrepresentation of monorities with Masters and Doctorate Credentials to solve problems of disparity ()
3009.0Farmworkers and Border Health ()
3010.0Participation and Partnerships in HIV/AIDS Prevention ()
3012.0New and emerging networks of CHWs ()
3013.0Measuring Disability, Participation, and Environmental Factors ()
3014.0Homer N.Calver Lecture ()
3015.0Breast Cancer Epidemiology: Insights into Disparities ()
3016.0Evaluation of Surveillance Systems and Their Impact ()
3017.0Prevention Efforts for Hepatitis A and B ()
3018.0Grassroots Nutrition Efforts: What's Working in Communities ()
3019.0Nutritional Epidemiology: Sum Effects ()
3020.0Research Ethics in Developing Countries: Voices of investigators and participants and Guidance for IRBs ()
3021.0Medicare in the Twenty First Century ()
3022.0Gerontological Health Archstone Foundation Awards ()
3023.0Culture, Medicare and Long Term Care Financing ()
3024.0Poster Session - Quality and Related Issues ()
3025.0Eliminating Barriers to Health Care: Serving the Medically Under-served ()
3026.0Survival Strategies for Major Public Hospitals ()
3027.0HIV Poster Session I: Adherence and Treatment Issues ()
3028.0HIV Poster Session II: Counseling and Testing ()
3029.0Community based programs and program evaluation ()
3030.0Emergency medical services and acute care ()
3031.0Topics in firearm injury ()
3032.0Motor vehicle and bicycle-related injury ()
3033.0Injury surveillance and outcomes ()
3034.0International Health Late Breaker I ()
3035.0The Global Economy: Impact and Resources for Health Care ()
3036.0Laboratory Surveillance and Validation ()
3037.0Innovative and responsive health promotion and education programs at the community level ()
3038.0Poster2 ()
3039.0Substance Use among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations ()
3040.0Adolescent Behavior: Healthy Choices or Risky Attitudes? ()
3041.0Welfare Reform & SCHIP ()
3042.0Emerging Issues in Midwifery Care ()
3043.0Issues in Drug Policy and Quality of Pharmaceutical Care ()
3044.0Beyond HAART: Attitudes, Interventions and Delivery ()
3045.0Reducing Health Disparities: Social and Behavioral Factors in Treatment and Health Promotion ()
3046.0Increasing Access to Prevention & Treatment for the Incarcerated ()
3047.0Medical Care Contributed Papers-1 ()
3048.0Infants, Children and Adolescents - Access and Quality ()
3049.0Evaluating systems integration in the ACCESS program for persons who are homeless and mentally ill: A panel presentation ()
3050.0Adherence and Psychotropic Medication in Mental Health Treatment ()
3051.0Research Priorities for Eliminating Occupational Health Disparities-Perspectives from the NORA Special Populations at Risk Team ()
3052.0Topics in Ergonomics ()
3053.0Institutional and Non-institutional Health Care Workers ()
3054.0Occupational Stress: Our Experiences, the Lessons Learned, and the Way Forward, Part I ()
3055.0Responding to Domestic Violence: Dental and Opthalmologic Concerns ()
3056.0War and Public Health: "Collateral Damage" To Vulnerable PopulationsHealth Disparities ()
3057.0Reproductive Health Around the World--Part I ()
3058.0Reproductive Health Around the World--Part II ()
3059.0Reproductive Health in the United States ()
3060.0Family PACT--Successes in California family planning ()
3061.0Stop the (Gender-Based) Violence ()
3062.0Breast and cervical cancer screening and education ()
3063.0Community-based strategies to prevent violence ()
3064.0Successful community health promotion and improvement models ()
3065.0Poster session I: Tailoring health communication to specific audiences ()
3066.0Collaboratives for PHN Leadership ()
3067.0Public Health Student Caucus: Oral Presentations ()
3068.0Human Sexuality Programs: Comprehensive versus Abstinence-only, Processes and Issues ()
3069.0The Next Generation: Public Health Social Work Education & Guidelines for Prevention ()
3070.0The Political Construction of Public Health ()
3071.0Balancing Health Disparities, Social Inequalities and Structural Inequities ()
3072.0A System for Successfully Surveying Health Care Providers ()
3073.0Conquering Diabetes: The National Diabetes Education Program ()
3074.0Health Care Reform and Grassroots Activism ()

1:00 PM-5:00 PM Mon
3159.1Translating Assessment into Action ()

2:30 PM-4:00 PM Mon
3075.0Refining and Validating Public Health Competencies ()
3076.0Training the Public Health Workforce Using Distance Learning Methods ()
3077.0Tobacco Control in Arizona: A Roundtable ()
3078.0David vs. Goliath: Public Health Efforts to Counter the Alcohol Industry ()
3079.0Costs of Alcohol and Drug Abuse ()
3080.0Hepatitis C and ACHP: Options for Treatment and Management ()
3081.0Issues in Chronic Disease Management in Native Populations ()
3082.0New Opportunities for Publishing in Public Health ()
3083.030th Annual President-Elect Session ()
3084.0The Effect Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) Has Had On The Meat Inspection System And The Meat Industry In Britain ()
3085.0Key Issues in Global Health ()
3085.1Universal Health Care: In Light of Election Results, Where Do We Go From Here? ()
3086.0Performance Standards in Action--Florida ()
3087.0Integration of Healthy People 2010 into Academic Curriculum ()
3088.0Human Rights of Incarcerated Women ()
3088.1"Who's Community is this Anyway - Community Mobilization or Community Manipulation?" ()
3089.0Infant Health and Mortality among Asian Pacific Islanders ()
3090.0Cultural Competence/SocialMarketing: Models of Research/ Health Service Delivery ()
3091.0Use of Public Sector Services and Associated Costs Among Homeless Adults with Alcohol and Other Drug Disorders ()
3092.0Past Presidents' Forum: The Role of the Faith Community in Addressing Race & Ethnic Health Disparities ()
3093.0Chiropractic Issues in Changing Health Care Environment ()
3094.0Project REACH: Building Community Capacity through Public-Private Partnerships ()
3095.0Methods and Tools for Planning, Policy & Evaluation ()
3096.0HIV/AIDS Assessment, Tools and Models for Sevice & Prevention ()
3097.0The dollars and cents of CHW programs ()
3098.0Women with Disabilities: Data to Interventions ()
3099.0Reducing Pesticide Exposure in Rural and Urban Settings Using Community-Based Research Designs ()
3100.0Urban Environmental Health Challenges: Communities in Action ()
3101.0Courts, Communities, Countries and Biochemistry: Environmental Protection's Challenge to the Law ()
3102.0Cardiovascular Disease in Special Populations ()
3103.0Epidemiologic Methods: Focusing on Health Disparities ()
3104.0Topics in Perinatal Epidemiology ()
3105.0Strategies for Post-Marketing Surveillance ()
3106.0Challenges and Responses in Immunization Programs ()
3107.0It Takes a Community to Feed a Family - From Federal to Grassroots ()
3108.0International challenges to ethics in relation to biomedical research: Revising the CIOMS guidelines ()
3109.0Gerontological Health: Aetna Aging Women and Public Health Awards ()
3110.0Medicare/Medicaid Integration - Developing Chronic Care Networks ()
3111.0Grantmakers Roundtable ()
3112.0What Do You Think? A Discussion Forum on Emerging Public Health Policy Issues ()
3113.0Quality Improvement and Assessment Methods to Assure Successful Outcomes in Community Health ()
3114.0Cutting Drug Prices and Expanding Coverage--Federal and State Efforts ()
3115.0Who Speaks for Public Hospitals? The Role of Stakeholders ()
3116.0HIV/AIDS Round Table Session I ()
3117.0Survivor advocacy for injury control ()
3118.0Teen Drivers: Issues and Challenges ()
3119.0Domestic Violence ()
3120.0Malaria Control and DDT ()
3121.0Community-Based Health Models ()
3122.0Science and Cost Effectiveness of Laboratory Regulations ()
3123.0Immunization Finance Policies and Practices ()
3124.0Factors Influencing Perinatal and Childhood Mortality in the U.S ()
3125.0Current Issues in Rural Care ()
3126.0Health Services Research Update Session: Health Reform and Medicaid Managed Care: Evidence of the Impact of Switch to Managed Care, Expansion of Coverage, and MCO Performance ()
3127.0Health Effects of Welfare Reform: Towards a Research and Policy Agenda ()
3128.0Breast Cancer Screening ()
3129.0The 2000 Carl Taube Award ()
3130.0Mental Health Issues in Vulnerable Populations ()
3131.0Ergonomics - Lessons Learned in Promulgating and Implementing Standards ()
3132.0Environmental Justice and Occupational Safety and Health ()
3133.0Training Issues in Occupational Health ()
3133.1Occupational Stress: Our Experiences, the Lessons Learned and the Way Forward, Part II ()
3134.0Addressing Unmet Needs - Access to Oral Health Care ()
3135.0Widening Disparities in Health and Wealth: The Impact of Structural Violence on Some of Us More Than Others Part 1 ()
3136.0Who Is Speaking For The Trees? How Reproductive Health Fits Into Environmental Conservation Around The World ()
3137.0Dial 911 for Emergencies in Reproductive Health ()
3138.0Realizing the vision and mapping the way to an open and just society ()
3139.0Issues and strategies for promoting health in worksite settings ()
3140.0Photovoice: A grassroots tool for communication and policy advocacy ()
3141.0Chronic disease intervention research ()
3142.0Health Care Financing Administration-Sponsored Research: Promoting Women's Health Through Preventive Services ()
3143.0First Monday 2000-2001: Student Advocacy for Gun Violence Prevention ()
3144.0Scientific Session II: Student Research Presentations ()
3145.0Issues & Consequences of Living in Fragile & Impoverished Families in America ()
3146.0Bioterrorism: Public Paranoia or Public Health Threat? ()
3147.0Race/ethnicity and the Year 2000 census: implications for public health data (part 1) ()
3148.0Healthy People 2000: Y2K is Here - How Did We Do? ()
3149.0Vietnam Caucus: Scientific Session I ()
3150.0Vision Care in the Future: LASIK, Workforce and Access ()
3151.0Domestic Violence: Successful Interventions ()
3152.0Women's Health Movement: Then & Now (A National Women's Health Network Panel) ()

2:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
3155.0APHA Public Hearings on Proposed Resolutions and Position Papers: Group B ()
3156.0APHA Public Hearings on Proposed Resolutions and Position Papers: Group C ()
3157.0APHA Public Hearings on Proposed Resolutions and Position Papers: Group D ()

4:30 PM-6:00 PM Mon
3158.0Community Health Scholars Post-Doctoral Program ()
3159.0Innovations in Public Health Academic-Practice Linkages ()
3160.0Women and Their Nicotine Affairs ()
3161.0School-Based Substance Use Prevention: The State of the Nation ()
3162.0ATOD Late-Breaker Session I ()
3163.0Syringe Access, Use & Discard: Context in AIDS Risk ()
3164.0Patterns of Alcohol Consumption and Implications for Policy ()
3165.0New Methods for Alcohol Problem Assessment and Intervention ()
3166.0Emerging Patterns in Alcohol-Related Problems ()
3167.0Integrative Medicine - Does it Work? ()
3168.0Cancer Prevention and Control Programs in Native Populations ()
3169.0Workshop for Authors ()
3169.1BEYOND BROCHURES: Exploring the Role of Spanish-Language Television in Public Education ()
3170.0Cardiovascular Disease among Asian Pacific Islanders ()
3170.1Health Status Issues and Interventions for Asian Pacific Islanders ()
3171.0National Seminar on Black Women in the Health Profession ()
3172.0Addressing health concerns affecting the African American Youth ()
3173.0Substance Use Issues among Homeless Adults and Youth ()
3174.0Health Needs and Delivery of Health Services for Immigrants and Refugees: The Massachussets Haitian Community ()
3175.0Chiropractic Health Care ()
3176.0From the National to the Local Level:Policy, Planning and Resources ()
3177.0Using Measurements and Data to Improve Health ()
3178.0Tuberculosis: Prevention and Control ()
3179.0Planning to Strengthen Local Public Health Systems: The Big Cities Experience ()
3180.0Senior community health workers ()
3181.0Alcohol, Drugs, and Disability: Breaking the Silence ()
3182.0Beyond Equipment and Meds: The Imperative of Collaboration Across Housing, Schools, Public Health and Environment to Address Asthma ()
3183.0Recent Trends in Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Poster Session ()
3184.0Epidemiology Section Awards: Wade Hampton Frost Lecture, John Snow Award, Abraham Lilienfeld Award ()
3185.0Agnes Higgins Award Lecture ()
3186.0Gerontological Health Key Award Session ()
3187.0Poster Session: Progress, Innovative Practices and Restructuring in Health Programs ()
3188.0Assessing Core Functions of Public Health Programs: Models for Validating Capacity ()
3189.0Political Advocacy for Home and Community-based Services ()
3190.0HIV/AIDS Round Table Session II ()
3191.0Motor Vehicle Occupant Protection ()
3192.0Firearm injuries ()
3193.0International Health Posters I: Financing and TB ()
3194.0The Epidemiology of Human Rights Abuses ()
3195.0Impact of and Responses to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic ()
3196.0Unions' Role in Eliminating Health Disparities ()
3197.0Quality of Care--Measurements and Applications ()
3197.1Poster Session 3 ()
3198.0A New Millennium for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health: The 25th Anniversary Commemoration of the LGBT Caucus of Public Health Workers ()
3199.0Poster Session: Health Status and Disparities Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities ()
3200.0Children with Special Health Care Needs Poster Session ()
3201.0Strategies for Violence Reduction in the Family and Community ()
3202.0Women's Health Watch: A Critique of Current Policies ()
3203.0International Perspectives on Reproductive Health ()
3204.0Issues in Pregnancy and Health ()
3205.0Home Visiting and Parent Support ()
3206.0Evidence-based Maternity Care: Initiating a Dialogue Within the Public Health Community ()
3207.0Improving Pregnancy Outcomes: Determinants and Measurement Tools ()
3208.0Information Technology Tools to Enhance Program/Management Performance ()
3209.0Health Services Research Contributed Papers ()
3210.0Avedis Donabedian Healthcare Quality Award Session ()
3211.0Issues in Veteran's Health ()
3212.0The Impacts of Racism on the Health and Well-being of the Nation ()
3213.0Mental Health Poster Session I ()
3214.0Mental Health Poster Session II ()
3215.0Mental Health Poster Session III ()
3216.0Talking Heads: Occupational and Environmental Health Agency Leadership Panel ()
3217.0Community-based Models of Oral Disease Prevention and Health Promotion ()
3217.1Oral Health Poster Session I ()
3218.0Widening Disparities in Health and Wealth: The Impact of Structural Violence on Some of Us More Than Others, Part 2 ()
3219.0Faith communities as models in eliminating health disparities in HIV/AIDS among racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities ()
3220.0Poster session II: Delivering effective health education/health promotion programs ()
3221.0Poster session III: Strategies and approaches for promoting children's health ()
3222.0Innovative health education/health promotion strategies for diverse populations ()
3223.0Community Partnerships ()
3224.0Poster Session #1 - Culturally Competent Care ()
3225.0Public Health Student Caucus: Welcome Session ()
3226.0Scientific Session III: Evaluating School Health Services and Education ()
3227.0Poster I: Student Posters: Adolescent problems and school health services ()
3228.0Poster II: Student Posters: Attitudes and Practices in Nutrition, Activity, Violence, and Sex ()
3229.0Social Worker of the Year - Monnie Callan ()
3230.0Race/ethnicity and the Year 2000 census: implications for public health data (part 2) ()
3231.0Advances in Methodology (Special Student Paper Session) ()
3232.0Vietnam Caucus: Scientific Session II ()
3233.0Women's Health Movement: Then and Now II (A National Women's Health Network Panel) ()

7:00 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3234.0HIV/AIDS Needs and Services for Asian Pacific Islanders ()
3235.0Social Capital and its Effects on Health ()
3236.0Taking Aim at Racial and Income Disparities in Mammography Screening: The North Carolina Breast Cancer Screening Program's and other Community-Based Approaches ()

8:30 PM-10:00 PM Mon
3237.0Women, Alcohol, And Violence ()
3239.0Bridging the Gap between Research and Clinical Practice: The Evaluation of Early Start, an Obstetric Clinic-Based, Perinatal Substance Abuse Treatment Program ()
3240.0Prevalence and Risk Behaviors for HIV among Youth and Adults ()
3241.0Monitoring the Tobacco Epidemic: Data Sources ()
3243.0The Natural Treatment of Diabetes ()
3243.1Epidemiology Latebreaking Posters ()
3243.2Affiliate Poster Session 2 ()
3245.0Variations in Cancer Patient Surveillance and the Impact on Costs ()
3247.0HIV and Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) ()
3248.0HIV Disease: Health Care Coverage Issues ()
3249.0Latebreaker injury posters ()
3250.0Topics in intentional injury ()
3251.0Intimate partner violence ()
3252.0Child maltreatment and fatality ()
3253.0Injury posters: the Top 10 ()
3254.0Health and Development in Border Areas - a Global Perspective ()
3255.0Various Topics in Maternal and Child Health ()
3256.0Payment Systems in Developing Countries ()
3257.0Health Care Disparities: Examples from Illinois and Massachusetts ()
3257.1Poster session - Latino Caucus ()
3257.2Low Birthweight and Very Low Birthweight Outcomes Among Latinas In Boston: An Analysis of Their Heterogeneity ()
3258.0Making Breastfeeding Decisions on the Evidence: A Method to Improve Outcomes for Those Who Need It Most ()
3259.0Economic Studies of Patients' Preferences and Behaviors ()
3260.0Medical Errors at the VA and Beyond ()
3261.0Medical Care Contributed Papers - 2 ()
3262.0Tradeswomen Speak Out: New Directions for Health and Safety in Construction ()
3262.1Internet Resources and the Digital Divide in Occupational Health: Health Disparities in Training and Protecting Workers ()
3263.0Sexuality Education Policy: By Ideology or Research? ()
3264.0Involving Men and Couples ()
3265.0Federal initiatives to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health ()
3266.0Journey to the Future, Part 3: Public Nealth Nursing Leadership - Creating Opportunities in the New Mellinuem? ()
3268.0Eliminating Health Disparities: Using Personal Empowerment to Create Safe Places For Intimacy After Illness ()
3269.0Scientific Session IV: Creating Healthy Schools and Curricula Through Health and Social Literacy ()
3269.1Issues in Eye Care: Preventing Vision Impairment and Blindness in the Future ()
3269.2A Memorial Tribute to honor Juanita Evana: A Leader in Public Health Social Work ()
3270.0Teenage Sexuality in the New Millenium ()

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Tue
 4000.0Delta Omega Poster Session I: The Honorary Public Health Society ()
4001.0Delta Omega Poster Session II: The Honorary Public Health Society ()
4002.0Industrial Animal Production and Academic Public Health: The Need for Collaboration ()
4002.1ATOD Late-Breaker Session II ()
4003.0Impact of Physician Monitoring on Utilization and Appropriateness of Benzodiazepine Prescribing on a Medicaid Population ()
4004.0Research Update on Hepatitis C among Drug Abusers: What Are the Health Consequences and Implications for Treatment, Prevention, and the Community? ()
4005.0International Tobacco Control Poster Session ()
4006.0Smoking Cessation Poster Session I ()
4007.0Smoking Cessation Poster Session II ()
4008.0Environmental Tobacco Smoke Poster Session ()
4009.0Psychosocial and Behavioral Factors in Tobacco Poster Session ()
4010.0State and Local Tobacco Control Programs and Evaluation Poster Session ()
4011.0Special Populations and Tobacco Poster Session ()
4012.0Tobacco Access and Media Poster Session ()
4013.0ACHP and Disability: Epidemiology and Effectiveness of Preventive, Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Use ()
4014.0Public Health Programs for Special Populations in Native Communities ()
4015.0State Healthy People 2010 Plans and Implementation Strategies ()
4016.0How to Create a Leadership Institute ()
4016.1Public Health/ Managed Care Research Priorities for APHA ()
4016.2Use of Technology and Information Systems in Public Health Care ()
4017.0Cancer Control for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the New Millennium ()
4018.0D.C's Women Health Initiative:Strategies for Change/ Issues of Cancer Screening, Diabetes and HIV AIDS Among African American Populations/ Religiosity in Coping & Healing ()
4019.0Federal Health-Care-for-the-Homeless Program: National client profiles and Boston's innovative outreach programs ()
4020.0REACH 2010: Successfully Engaging Faith Communities ()
4021.0Immigrant and refugee Health Policy: Implications for Access, Health Status and Health Needs ()
4022.0Establishing a Community Voice in Health Care Restructuring ()
4023.0Measuring the Impact of Medicaid Managed Care ()
4024.0Uninsured Children: CHIP ()
4025.0Disability Surveillance ()
4026.0International Movement for Children's Environmental Health ()
4027.0The Climate Change Impacts on the United States National Assessment Project: What the Report Means to Our Health ()
4028.0Information By the People, for the People: An Accessible Environmental Health Education Tool for Brownfields ()
4029.0Career Development in Epidemiology: Roundtable Discussions ()
4030.0Women's Health ()
4031.0Policy and Interventions to Build a Healthy School Environment ()
4032.0Communicating Nutrition and Food Safety Information: The Challenge Before Us ()
4033.0Ethical issues facing health care organizations ()
4034.0Issues in Community Based Care (A) ()
4035.0Clinical Issues in Aging (P) ()
4036.0The New California Health Interview Survey: Measuring Health Needs and Disparities in a Diverse State ()
4037.0Medicaid and Managed Care Services: Contracts and Employer Attitudes ()
4038.0Issues for Improving Health Administration Practice: An International Perspective ()
4039.0Behavioral Epidemiology of HIV ()
4040.0HIV and Adherence Issues ()
4041.0Motor-vehicle related methods ()
4042.0Firearm policy issues ()
4043.0Incentives For Provider Performance And Client Utilization ()
4044.0Pharmaceutical Controversies ()
4045.0Political Economy of Work Environment ()
4046.0Poster4 ()
4047.0Health Issues Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth ()
4048.0Health Status, Service Needs, and Social Support: Issues of Concern for Adolescents ()
4049.0Ensuring Access to Preventive Care ()
4050.0International Maternal and Child Health and Breastfeeding Combined Poster Session ()
4051.0Psychosocial and cultural factors in medical care and decision-making ()
4052.0Health Services Research Methodology Session: Assessing Quality of Care Under Medicare: Understanding the Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Performance Measurement ()
4053.0Clinical Quality Improvement: Changing Care Delivery for Major Health Problems of the 21st Century ()
4054.0Economic Studies of Physicians ()
4055.0Administrative Healthcare Data for Research – the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) ()
4056.0The World Health Organization Mental Health Disability Session ()
4057.0Financing and Delivery of Services ()
4058.0Intimate Partner Violence and Mental Health ()
4059.0Mental health Issues in Jails and Prisons ()
4060.0Women's Experience, Work and Health ()
4061.0Addressing Health Disparities: Integrated Health Programs for Manufacturing Workers ()
4062.0Poster Session I ()
4063.0Poster Session II ()
4064.0Poster Session III ()
4065.0Poster Session IV ()
4066.0Oral Health Poster Session II ()
4067.0Diabetic care ()
4068.0Reproductive Health and the Media ()
4069.06 Billion and Counting - What Does It Mean? ()
4070.0Management and Sustainability: Essential Components of Contemporary Public Policy ()
4071.0Promoting adolescent health ()
4072.0Environmental health risk communication and research ()
4073.0Identity, branding, and positioning for public health organizations and programs: Why, how-to, and case studies ()
4074.0Poster session IV: Effective use of computer technology in health education, promotion, and communication practice ()
4075.0Poster session V: Promoting the health of patients in clinical and other health care settings ()
4076.0Computers and Education in Public Health Nursing ()
4077.0Environmental Health and Occupational Health Nursing ()
4078.0Family Violence and PHN Response ()
4079.0Public Health Student Caucus: Oral Presentations on Education ()
4080.0Scientific Session V: Offering Primary Care in Schools Through School-Based Health Centers ()
4081.0HIV in Special Populations of Women: Adolescents, Older women and "No Risk" Group ()
4082.0Teaching social justice in public health: progressive pedagogy in action ()
4083.0Fundamental Measurement of Quality of Care and Quality of Life ()
4084.0Death Rates: Statistical Implications of Implementing ICD-10 and the New Standard for Age Adjustment ()
4085.0Social Causes of Social Diseases ()

10:30 AM-12:00 PM Tue
4086.0Special Session: Curbs on Violence Research--Preventing the Next Tuskegee? ()
4087.0Special Sessions: Eliminating Disparities--Communities Taking Action ()
4088.0Special Session: Addressing Public Health Challenges in the 21st Century ()
4089.0Special Session: Neglected Epidemics and the Reports of the U.S. Surgeon General: A Call to Action for Oral Health and Mental Health Disparities ()

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Tue
4090.0Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Community-Based Participatory Research: Lessons Learned from the Urban Research Centers ()
4091.0Integrating theory and practice in public health education ()
4092.0Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm: Establishing and Enforcing Alcohol Policies ()
4093.0Looking Backward and Moving Forward in Tobacco Control Research Methodology ()
4094.0Special ATOD Issues in Public Health ()
4095.0Making Treatment Work ()
4096.0Factors Influencing Services Utilization by Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents ()
4097.0Children at Risk Poster Session ()
4098.0Monitoring HIV and Injection Drug Users Issues II ()
4099.0Monitoring HIV, HPC, and Injection Drug Users Issues I ()
4100.0Better Methods for Research on Treatment and Prevention ()
4101.0Alcohol and Youth: Drinking-Related Behaviors and Risks ()
4101.1The Changing Patterns of Drug Use ()
4101.2Impacts on Tobacco Use and Policy ()
4101.3Drug Abuse Prevention Poster Session ()
4101.4Factors Affecting Drug Use Poster Session ()
4101.5National Tobacco Usage Poster Session ()
4102.0The Science of Alternative Medicine ()
4102.1Media Advocacy: How to Work with the Media ()
4102.2Direct Access to Testing: How Does It Affect Public Health? ()
4103.0National Public Health Leadership Development Network: Presentation of Project ()
4103.1Enhancing Public Health Training and Research with Technology: Practical Distance Learning, Computer Based Training, and Library Resources ()
4104.0Business Meeting ()
4105.0Addressing Health Concerns Affecting African American Men ()
4106.0The CMHS Housing Initiative for Persons with Serious Mental Illness: Interim Findings from the Cross-site Study of Supported Housing ()
4107.0Rachel Frucher Memorial Session: Culturally Competent Health Promotion in Immigrant Communities ()
4108.0Maine's Public Health System ()
4109.0Reducing Health Disparities: Stories from a Region Without Borders ()
4110.0Community-based Health Promotion/Disease Prevention ()
4110.1Cutting Edge Issues in Community Health ()
4110.2Community Involvement in Health Promotion/Disease Prevention ()
4111.0Urban Asthma and Community Health Worker Programs, Part I ()
4112.0Children & Adolescents: Disability and Health Issues ()
4113.0Biotechnology and Public Health ()
4114.0Cost of Prevention: Finding & Using Cost Data in Policy Development ()
4115.0Health Care Provider Initiatives in Children's Environmental Health ()
4116.0Socioeconomic Status and Race: Investigating Health Disparities ()
4117.0Studies in Occupational Epidemiology ()
4118.0Addressing Hepatitis C at the Local Level ()
4119.0Making a Difference in Child and Adolescent Nutrition - Environmental Influences ()
4120.0Rationing and health care reform ()
4121.0Research on End-of-Life Care ()
4122.0Measuring Health and Well-Being ()
4123.0Medicare: Utilization, Financing and Programs ()
4124.0Culture, Race and Health Care for the Aged ()
4125.0Poster Session - Information Networks and Technology ()
4126.0Bioterrorism Preparedness: Local/State Health Department Information Systems Infrastructure Development ()
4127.0Negotiation and Conflict Resolution for Public Health Practice: Building Collaborative Problem Solving Strategies ()
4128.0National Public Health Performance Standards Program: A Progress Report (Part I) ()
4129.0The 2000 Elections and Their Effect on the Healthcare Safety Net ()
4130.0Public Health Law in the Twenty First Century ()
4131.0Ancillary Services' Role in Improving Access to and Retention in HIV Primary Care: Part I ()
4132.0HIV Poster Session III: HIV/AIDS in International Settings ()
4133.0Initiatives from the Children's Safety Network ()
4134.0Healthy People 2010: New Directions for Injury Prevention in the 21st Century ()
4135.0Global Health Equity- Developing Country Findings ()
4136.0Invited Session on Women in Refugee Settings ()
4137.0Laboratory Poster Session ()
4138.0Poster Session 1 ()
4139.0The Health of the Hispanic Woman. How are we doing? ()
4140.0Increasing Awareness of Transgender Health Concerns ()
4141.0Tape Measurers and Levers: Evolving Toolkit in Public Sector Healthcare Quality ()
4142.0Economic Studies: Market Structure, Managed Care, and Health Costs ()
4143.0The Uninsured: One Cure Does Not Fit All ()
4144.0BBRA: Unbalancing Our Health Care Delivery Systems ()
4145.0Perceptions of Health Care - Providers and Patients ()
4146.0Response to the Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health ()
4147.0Assessing Consumer Outcomes under Medicaid Managed Care ()
4148.0School-based oral health programs ()
4149.0Violence: A National Epidemic ()
4150.0Learning from Quinacrine Sterilization--Perspectives on the Introduction of Contraception Technology ()
4151.0What's New in Contraception? ()
4152.0Involving Men Around the World ()
4153.0Public Health Student Caucus: Mentoring Program Welcome Session and Reception ()
4154.0Scientific Session VI: Developing Coordinated School Health Programs ()
4155.0Racial Disparities and Prejudice in Health Care, Education, & Employment ()
4156.0Special Panel On Inequalities in Health: Research Issues and Policy Implications ()
4157.0Universal Health Care (Part 1 of 2): The U.S. Struggle - Still Crazy After All These Years ()
4158.0Vision Care and Vision Screening for Children ()
4159.0Panel: Women’s reproductive health, gender and human rights ()
4160.0Medicalized Menopause ()

2:30 PM-4:00 PM Tue
4161.0Development and Evaluation of Distance Learning Programs and Courses ()
4162.0Improving the Skills of the Public Health Workforce: The Health Agency Training Program in Biostatistics and Epidemiology ()
4163.0International Issues in Tobacco Control ()
4164.0The Collaborative Injection Drug User Study (CIDUS 2): Parenterally and Sexually Transmitted Infection among Young Injection Drug Users ()
4165.0Early Intervention: Prenatal and Perinatal Care ()
4166.0Research on Drinking Patterns in Special Populations ()
4167.0ACHP in Prevention and Treatment of HIV and AIDS ()
4168.0Methods of Measuring Health Disparities ()
4171.0Double Jeopardy: Health Disparities for Women Within Racial & Ethnic Populations ()
4172.0Human and Medical Genetics: Implications for Public Health and Primary Care Professionals: Part I ()
4173.0National Performance Standards Program: Part I ()
4174.0International Human Rights of Children ()
4174.1Information Technology Tools at Work ()
4175.0Cancer Control I: Identifying the Needs for Asian Pacific Islanders ()
4176.0Reach 2010 Demonstration Project: Bruilding Effective Coalitions to Reduce Health Disparities among People of Color ()
4177.0Multi-Site Contributions to Homelessness Prevention ()
4178.0Understanding How Religiosity Influences Health ()
4179.0Issues in Chiropractic Education ()
4180.0Community Coalitions for Health Promotion: Effective Tools for Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation ()
4181.0Addressing the Needs of the Uninsured ()
4182.0Community-based Approaches to Substance Abuse/Tobacco Abuse ()
4183.0Programs and Partnerships to Improve Immunization Rates ()
4183.1Urban Asthma and Community Health Worker Programs, Part II ()
4184.0Health Promotion and the Prevention of Secondary Conditions ()
4185.0Endocrine disruptors: New science and new insights ()
4186.0Environmental Health: Core Competencies to Practice at the Local Level ()
4187.0Particulate Air Pollution: Re-Emerging Concerns and Public Health Protection ()
4188.0Topics in Emerging Infections ()
4189.0Violence in the Family ()
4190.0Improving Physicians' Training in Nutrition: The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute's Nutrition Academic Award ()
4191.0Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs): A Closer Look at the Recent Report on Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Carotenoids ()
4192.0Disclosure and diffusion of genetic information I ()
4193.0Nursing Home Care and Financing ()
4194.0Home Care ()
4195.0National Public Health Performance Standards Program: A Progress Report (Part II) ()
4196.0Managing a Changing Workforce: New Workers, Ethnic Diversity, and Staffing Reductions ()
4197.0Eliminating Health Disparities Among Racial and Ethnic Groups: A Cultural Competence Approach (Part I) ()
4198.0Public Managed Care Plans: Can They Make The Health Care Safety Net Safe? ()
4199.0Patient injury and liability reform: the importance of front-line management and market forces in truly helping patients ()
4200.0Ancillary Services' Role in Improving Access to and Retention in HIV Primary Care: Part II ()
4201.0Injury Control Research Centers Round Table Discussions ()
4202.0Child Wellness, the Health Challenge for the 21st Century ()
4203.0Public-Private Partnerships in Developing Country Health Systems ()
4204.0Single - Use Devices, Single-use or reuse? Part 1 ()
4205.0Nutrition and Food Safety among Latinos: Issues for the New Millenium ()
4206.0Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations ()
4207.0Martha May Elliot Leadership Forum - Honoring the Children's Health Access Coalition of Health Care for All, Massachusetts ()
4208.0Innovative Epidemiologic Methods in MCH ()
4209.0Primary Care and Prevention for Women: Innovative Models ()
4210.0Critical Access Hospitals - Are They Working? ()
4211.0Public Health, APHA, and Corporate Influence: Is It a Slippery Slope? ()
4212.0Beyond Universal Coverage: Issues in Health System Reform ()
4213.0From Global Economics to Global Budgets: Keeping the Public in Public Health; P. Ellen Parsons Memorial Session ()
4214.0Community Interest and Private Need in Public Mental Healthcare ()
4215.0Challenges to implementing public health models of mental health intervention research: lessons from the field ()
4216.0The US DOE Workforce: Studies of Former and Current Workers, Part I, DOE-Funded Screening Program for Former Workers ()
4217.0Occupational Health Clinics: 2 Panels Discuss Ethics, Advocacy, and Workplace Change ()
4218.0Oral health and managed care ()
4219.0Chronic Diseases ()
4220.0Reproductive Health in Today's Health System ()
4221.0The Changing Teen-Scene ()
4222.0International Perspectives on Emergency Contraception ()
4223.0Part I: Understanding and addressing bias and its impacts on health disparities: From everyday affronts to institutional racism and hate crimes ()
4224.0Community health promotion and network building: NHLBI's performance-based strategies to eliminate cardiovascular health disparities by 2010 ()
4225.0Nutrition and physical activity ()
4226.0Urban Men's Health ()
4227.0Evidence of Success in PHN Practice ()
4228.0Foster Care and the Courts ()
4229.0Women in Public Health Leadership ()
4230.0Scientific Session VII: Addressing Adolescent Health Concerns Through School Health Services and Education ()
4230.1Selected Public Health Social Work Issues Involving Infants, Toddlers, and Child Care Evaluation ()
4231.0Universal Health Care (Part 2 of 2): Truth and Myths from Abroad: Canada, UK, Scandinavia ()
4232.0Lowell Reed Lecture/Spiegelman and Statistics Section Awards ()
4233.0Femicide in America ()
4234.0Politics of Breast and Cervical Cancer ()

2:30 PM-4:30 PM Tue
4235.0Live Satellite Broadcast: Health Disparities--Contributions from Social and Physical Environments ()

4:30 PM-6:00 PM Tue
4236.0Evaluating ATOD Internet Services ()
4237.0Hot Topics in Tobacco: A Latebreaker Session ()
4238.0Methadone Maintenance Therapy: Policy and Practice ()
4239.0Women's Use of Herbs and Dietary Supplements ()
4240.0Programs/Activities in Native Populations ()
4240.1Post-election Prospects for Everybody In -- Nobody Out ()
4241.0Human & Medical Genetics: Implications for Public Health and Primary Care Professionals: Part II ()
4243.1It's About Access to Learning: Continuing Education and Learning on the Web ()
4244.0Health Status Issues and Interventions for Asian Americans ()
4245.0Cancer Control II: Intervention Strategies for Asian Pacific Islanders ()
4246.0Integrated Approaches: Assurance of African American Elders and Providers Participation in the Development of State and Local Action Plans ()
4247.0Training and education of public health practitioners working with African-American populations ()
4247.1Late Breaker Session: Cities and Welfare Reform - Public Health Implications ()
4248.0Aligning homeless policy and practice for the millennium ()
4249.0Chiropractic Research ()
4250.0Eliminating Health Disparities Through Employment: Key Findings From a $20 Million Statewide Work and Health Initiative ()
4251.0Involving the Community in Health Planning ()
4252.0Development of Networks for Supporting Evaluation of Community-based Efforts to Eliminate Health Disparities ()
4253.0Current issues in community health worker programs ()
4254.0Effective Strategies for Evaluation ()
4255.0Disability & Managed Care: Disparities, Outcomes, and Quality of Care ()
4256.0Drinking Water ()
4257.0New Science on Children's Environmental Health ()
4258.0Environmental Health and Health Disparities ()
4258.1Asthma Poster Session ()
4259.0Infectious Disease Epidemiology: Poster Session I ()
4260.0Reaching the Summit: Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy for 2000 and Beyond ()
4261.0Disclosure and diffusion of genetic information II ()
4262.1Culture, Race and Health Services for the Elderly ()
4263.0Dementia Care in a Managed Care Era: Dually Eligible Older Adults ()
4264.0Health Care Financing Administration 1998/1999 African Americans And Hispanic Health Services Research Grant Program: African American And Hispanic Health Services Issues ()
4265.0Eliminating Health Disparities Among Racial and Ethnic Groups: A Cultural Competence Approach (Part II) ()
4266.0Partnerships and Collaboration: What We Know and What We Can Learn ()
4267.0Poster Session: Management and other issues ()
4268.0Poster Session - Open for Health Admin ()
4269.0Applications of Equity Measurement in the Health Sector ()
4270.0Child Health Strategies ()
4271.0Comparative Approaches to Decentralization ()
4272.0Allocating Health Resources ()
4273.0International Health Posters II: Women and Children ()
4274.0International Health Posters III: Various Topics ()
4275.0Single Use Devices- Single Use or Reuse? Part 2 ()
4276.0A North/South Dialogue on Women's Health and Social Justice: Crossing Cultural Borders with Nuestros Cuerpos Nuestras Vidas(Our Bodies Ourselves) ()
4277.0HIV Risk Behaviors and Prevention Strategies for Men Who Have Sex with Men ()
4278.0Child Health Promotion Poster Session ()
4279.0The National AIDS Education and Training Program: Best Route for Clinical Training of Minority Providers? ()
4280.0Rural Elderly and "Near Elderly": Service Use and Program Outcomes ()
4281.0Globalization of Pharmaceutical Patent Protections and Access to Essential Drugs ()
4282.0Highlights of the Third Edition of the APHA Standards for Health Services in Correctional Institutions ()
4283.0The 2000 Rema Lapouse Award: Continuities,contingencies, comorbidities, and latencies: evidence and logic for a national conception-to-death cohort study ()
4284.0Eliminating Mental Health and Community Living Disparities ()
4284.1Mental Health Roundtable: Current Issues in Mental Health Research and Advocacy ()
4285.0The US DOE Workforce: Studies of Former and Current Workers, Part II, NIOSH-Funded Research of US DOE Current Employees ()
4286.0Topics in Occupational Health ()
4287.0Oral Cancer,Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation ()
4288.0Safe, Legal and Rare--Abortion in the 21st Century ()
4289.0Beyond Viagra: Public Health Perspectives on Sexuality and Aging ()
4290.0Part II: Understanding and addressing bias and its impacts on health disparities: From everyday affronts to institutional racism and hate crimes ()
4291.0HIV/AIDS prevention ()
4292.0Poster session VI: Addressing the health needs of diverse groups of women ()
4293.0Undergraduate Partnerships ()
4294.0Poster Session #2 - PHN Practice Issues ()
4295.0Poster Session #3 - PHN Practice Outcomes ()
4296.0Student Poster Session #3: Special Call for Student Papers ()
4297.0Student Poster Session #1 ()
4298.0Student Poster Session #2 ()
4299.0Getting Started in International Health ()
4300.0Poster III: School Health Initiatives, Critical Issues, and Programs ()
4301.0Poster IV: School Programs Related to Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Substance Use ()
4303.0Various Topics in Public Health Social Work ()
4304.0Biostatistical Methods Session ()

4:30 PM-7:30 PM Tue
4243.0Public Health Infrastructure: Issues and Challenges ()

8:30 PM-10:00 PM Tue
4305.0Patterns and Progress in Syringe Exchange ()
4306.0Youth Tobacco Issues: A Roundtable Discussion ()
4307.0Prevention Interventions and Consequences in the in the Workplace ()
4308.0Housing and services for homeless people with special needs (HIV+, elderly, multiply diagnosed) ()
4309.0Mortality, Health Status, and Access to Care for Homeless Persons ()
4310.0Youth as community health workers ()
4311.0Preparing Future Rehabilitation Professionals ()
4312.01999 VA National Health Survey of Veterans: Assessment of Quality and Performance ()
4313.0HIV and Needle Exchange Programs ()
4314.0Understanding African American Female Adolescents' HIV-Associated Risk and Protective Behaviors: Implications for Prevention ()
4315.0A Life Cycle Approach to Improving Health Outcomes in the Context of Poverty ()
4316.0Decision-Making for Health ()
4317.0Inequities in global health research: a call for action ()
4318.0Planning and Measuring Human Resource Needs ()
4320.0Exposure Assessment for Occupational Hazards ()
4322.0It Takes Two to Tango: Including Men and Couples in Reproductive Health Research and Programs ()
4323.0Contemporary issues in health education standards and practice: A review of the landscape in the 21st century ()
4324.0Promoting effective health education through community involvement ()
4325.0PHN Research ()

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Wed
 5000.0Meeting the Challenges of Accreditation ()
5001.0Poster Session: The Academic Public Health Caucus ()
5002.0Smoking Cessation ()
5003.0Alcohol Issues in Culturally Diverse Populations ()
5004.0Emerging Tobacco Advertising and Marketing Issues ()
5005.0The Substance Abuse Treatment Study (SATS): A Developmental Analysis of Content, Process and Context ()
5005.1Factors Impacting Substance Abuse Treatment ()
5006.0Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About ACHP, but Were Afraid to Ask ()
5007.0Critical and Emerging Issues in Native Populations ()
5007.1Latebreaking Developments in Public Health ()
5008.0GRAA Advocacy Training: Effective Public Health Advocacy ()
5008.1Preparation and delivery of anti-tobacco health education messages in schools ()
5009.0Issues in Health Status Surveillance for Asian Pacific Islanders ()
5010.0Training of the Emerging Majority for the Elimination of Health Disparities: Curricular Issues in the Training of Public Health Professionals ()
5011.0Homelessness: Special Issues in a Special Populatioin ()
5012.0Different Models and Methods of Faith-based Interventions ()
5013.0Epidemiological information on refugee and immigrants' health status: Health Disparities ()
5014.0Assessing Health Service Need, Impact, and Outcomes for Underserved Populations ()
5015.0Making Medicaid Managed Care Work ()
5016.0Training, continuing education and career development for CHWs ()
5017.0Disability Classification, Definitions, and Measurement ()
5018.0Health Disparities: Susceptibility to Environmental Exposures ()
5019.0Building Global Campaigns for Environmental Health Policy: Global Toxics Case Studies ()
5020.0Is There a Trade Off Between Access to Housing and Public Health? ()
5020.1Local Environmental Health Programs ()
5020.2Children's Environmental Health ()
5020.3Educating a Diverse Audience About Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention ()
5021.0Infectious Disease Epidemiology: Poster Session II ()
5022.0MCH, Injury, and Cancer Epidemology Poster Session ()
5023.0Investigating Foodborne Outbreaks ()
5024.0Screening for Asthma: Problems and Practicalities ()
5025.0Studies in Physical Activity and Nutrition ()
5025.1The Changing Epidemiology of Autism Spectrum Disorders ()
5026.0Eliminating Health Disparities Through WIC ()
5027.0Assessing Nutrition Across the Country - Populations to Programs ()
5028.0Soliciting public values and participation in health policy deliberations ()
5029.0Innovations in Long Term Care Financing ()
5030.0Health Promotion and Disease Prevention ()
5031.0Issues in Long Term Care ()
5032.0Avoiding Pitfalls and Errors in Public Health Data: Proven Methodologies ()
5033.0CHIP: Examples of Four Strategies to Maximize Enrollment in the Children's Health Insurance Program ()
5034.0Developing the Public Health Workforce: National, Regional, State and Academic Partners Review a Decade of Progress and Look to the Future ()
5035.0Collaboration in Public Health: Examples From the Field ()
5036.0Current State Efforts to Lower Rates of the Medically Uninsured ()
5037.0Legal Issues in Telehealth ()
5038.0HIV Poster Session IV: Behavioral Epidemiology ()
5039.0HIV Poster Session V: Youth Issues ()
5040.0HIV Poster Session VI: A Collection of Topics ()
5041.0Building a National Firearm Fatality Reporting System ()
5042.0Pedestrian and recreational injury ()
5043.0Health and Democracy ()
5044.0Approaches and Experiences in Institutionalizing Quality Assurance Programs in Developing Countries ()
5045.0International Health Late Breaker II ()
5046.0Comparative Approaches to Family Planning ()
5047.0International Health Posters IV: Various Topics ()
5048.0International Health Posters V: Various Topics ()
5049.0International Health Posters VI: Decentralization and Public Private ()
5050.0Public Health Infrastructure: National and International Laboratory Concerns ()
5051.0Challenges in Organizing and Delivering Health Services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities ()
5052.0Graduate Education in MCH--MCH Epidemiology, Training for Research versus Practice: Is There a Difference? ()
5053.0Women's Health Poster Session ()
5054.0Hot Topics: Mental Health and Identification and Financing for CSHCN ()
5055.0How Research Informs the Debate Over a Medicare Drug Benefit ()
5056.0Health Services Research Contributed Papers ()
5057.0Preserving reproductive health services in an era of healthcare affiliations ()
5058.0Economic Perspectives Toward Eliminating Health Disparities ()
5059.0The Social Responsibility of the Academic Health Center/System ()
5060.0Running on Ritalin: Data, Theory, and Practice ()
5061.0"Does managed care compromise quality for adults with schizophrenia?" ()
5062.0Stigma and Mental Health ()
5063.0Sustainability of International Research Training in Occupational and Environmental Health - A Five Year Perspective ()
5064.0Primary Prevention: The Integration Concept of Occupational and Environmental Health ()
5065.0Community-based Models ()
5066.0What Works and What to do Differently in Family Planning Programs ()
5067.0Adolescent Reproductive Health in Francophone West Africa: Findings from Pre-Intervention Studies ()
5068.0Research and evaluation challenges ()
5069.0Health communication to address disparities ()
5070.0Poster session VII: Preventing and reducing risks to sexual health ()
5071.0Older Adults and Public Health Nursing ()
5072.0Outcomes in PHN Practice ()
5073.0Partnerships in PHN Education ()
5074.0Eliminating Disparities In Health Care: Change Through Definition ()
5075.0Public Health Student Caucus: Student Poster Session ()
5076.0Scientific Session VIII: Physical Activities in Schools ()
5077.0Violence: Prevention, Treatment, & Reducing Recidivism ()
5078.0Colonizing Societies through Medical Diplomacy: The Practice and Ideology of Colonialism in International Health and Development Projects ()
5079.0The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS): Methodologic Issues ()
5080.0Innovations in modeling ()
5081.0What Do Women Want? - Universal Health Care! Comprehensive Services! ()
5082.0Midlife Issues Across Class and Race ()

10:30 AM-12:00 PM Wed
5083.0Special Session: Social Justice and Human Rights: Implications for our Work and Lives ()
5084.0Special Session: Reform, Revolution and Health Disparities--Lessons from the 20th Century ()
5085.0Special Session: Regional Approaches to Reducing Disparities ()
5086.0Special Session: Reducing Health Disparities--Education & Training ()

12:30 PM-2:00 PM Wed
5089.0Managed Care and Treatment Entry ()
5090.0Findings from the 1996 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Study of Smoking and Tobacco Use Among Young People ()
5091.0Youth and Alcohol: Risks and Protective Factors ()
5092.0ACHP: Prevalence and Pedagogy - Part I ()
5093.0Ethical Standards: Protecting the Heritage of Indigenous People ()
5094.0Action Board Scientific Session: The Role of Access to Health Care in Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities ()
5095.0Healthy People 2010: New Focus Areas-New Opportunities and Challenges ()
5095.1Evaluation of School-Based Human Sexuality Programs ()
5096.0Domestic violence against Asian/Pacific Islander women ()
5097.0Reproductive Health/Barriers To Immunization /Infant Mortality/XCultural Counselling & Nutrition/ Clinical Trial Issues ()
5098.0IDU and Sexual Risk Among Homeless Youth and Adults ()
5099.0Effect of Social and Civil Unrest, War, Torture, and Displacement on Refugees and Displaced Persons' Physical and Mental Health ()
5100.0Assessment Tools and the Community ()
5101.0Drafting a Public Health Agenda for Community Health Workers ()
5102.0The Rhode Island Prevention Coalition: A Public-Private Partnership Model of Statewide Community Activation for Health Promotion ()
5103.0Community Health Workers: Highlight on Boston, MA ()
5104.0Health Care Access for Individuals with Severe Disabilities: The Income Dependency Link ()
5105.0Disability Poster Session A ()
5107.0Disability Poster Session C ()
5108.0Healthy Schools: Emerging Issues for Child Health ()
5110.0Instituting Precaution in Environmental Health Policy: the Roles of Science, Public Policy, and Public Health Partnerships ()
5111.0Epidemiology Latebreaker Oral Presentations ()
5112.0Epidemiology Latebreaker Poster Session ()
5113.0Health Disparities in Diabetes: Defining the Problem ()
5114.0Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Latching on to the Future ()
5115.0Hunger: Why and at What Cost ()
5116.0Nutrition Potpourri ()
5117.0Ethics in Public Health Curriculum ()
5118.0Public health ethics: Case studies ()
5119.0Quality of Care in Nursing Homes ()
5120.0Accessing and Using Medicare Data to Understand Racial Disparities in the Use of Health Services ()
5121.0Long Term Care and Health Services for the Elderly in Rural Settings ()
5122.0Long Term Care Providers ()
5123.0Managing Medicaid Care: New Models for Public/Private Collaboration ()
5124.0Evaluation Systems for Public Health Programs: Three Models ()
5125.0National Excellence Collaboratives of the Turning Point Initiative - Part I ()
5126.0Health and Human Rights, Session 1 ()
5127.0Barriers to HIV/AIDS Services: Experiences of Deaf and Hard of Hearing People ()
5128.0Ryan White CARE Act Programs ()
5129.0Injury data: current issues ()
5130.0The Changing Nature of Humanitarian Assistance in Complex Emergencies ()
5131.0Civil Society and Health Care Systems ()
5132.0Improving Health Care Quality in Developing Countries ()
5133.0Workers, work, and health disparities ()
5134.0From the Margins to the Mainstream: Increasing Visibility of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health ()
5135.0MCH Epidemiology and Genetics Poster Session ()
5136.0HIV in MCH Populations Poster Session ()
5137.0Innovations in Maternity Care and Violence Prevention in the Family and Community Combined Poster Session ()
5138.0Financing & Policy: Child Health Programs ()
5138.1Medical Care Poster Session 1 ()
5138.2Medical Care Poster Session 2 ()
5138.3Medical Care Poster Session 3 ()
5139.0Mental Health Poster Session IV ()
5140.0Mental Ilness in Children: Epidemiology and Risk Factors ()
5141.0Adventures in mentoring: strategies for advancing one's career in mental health research ()
5142.0Assessments of the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Program ()
5143.0Work Organization and Occupational Stress ()
5144.0Occupational and Environmental Health Post-Election, November 2000 ()
5145.0Oral Health Surveillance: Program Planning and Evaluation ()
5146.0The Health Consequences of the Military Industrial Complex: From Hiroshima to Bioterrorism ()
5147.0Appropriate Technology for Reproductive Health ()
5148.0A Second Chance--Post-abortion care ()
5149.0A Potpourri of Reproductive Health ()
5150.0Clients Recognize Quality Services ()
5151.0Developing quality public health materials: Examples and advice from section award winners ()
5152.0Issues and strategies in tobacco control ()
5153.0Poster session VIII: Health communication through mass media and new technology ()
5154.0Partnerships in Undergraduate Nursing Education ()
5155.0Re-examining the Links Between Social Justice And Public Health Nursing ()
5156.0Mentoring: challenges and successes ()
5157.0Scientific Session IX: School-based Nutrition Programs ()
5158.0Scientific Session X: School Violence Prevention: Programs and Strategies ()
5159.0Scientific Session XI: Developing School Health Services: Collaboration, Funding, and Evaluation ()
5160.0Privatization in Public Health: Politics and Business as Usual? ()
5161.0More Highways, Bigger Stadiums, Gigantic Airports: Are We Building Private Wealth at the Cost of Public Health? ()
5162.0Trend data from the National Health Interview Survey: Health changes or survey changes? ()
5163.0Statistics in Public Health(Poster Session) ()
5164.0Addressing Vision Care Needs: Adult Screening, Needs of Developing Countries ()
5165.0Women and HIV/AIDS ()

2:30 PM-4:00 PM Wed
5166.0Excellence in Public Health Practice-Based Curricula and Training ()
5167.0Commitment to Wellness: Recovering from Addictive Diseases and Mental Disorders ()
5168.0Case Studies in Tobacco Control Policy Development: Lessons Learned and More to Do ()
5169.0College and Alcohol ()
5170.0Impact of Managed Care on Treatment Outcomes ()
5171.0ACHP: Prevalence and Pedagogy - Part II ()
5172.0Culturally Competent Programs/Activities in Native Communities ()
5173.0International Human Rights and Aging ()
5173.1Adolescent Reproductive Health Interventions in Latin America ()
5174.0Asian/Pacific Americans in the Public Health Workforce: Elements for Success ()
5175.0Innovative Strategies in Faith-Based Health Promotion ()
5176.0Community Benefits: Privatization and Conversion Foundations ()
5177.0Building Healthy Communities ()
5177.1Community Health Planning and Policy Development Awards ()
5178.0Community Health Workers Addressing the Community's Agenda ()
5179.0Perspectives on Deafness ()
5180.0Health Care Without Harm: Putting the precautionary principle into practice ()
5181.0Evaluating Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Policies and Strategies ()
5182.0Understanding Environmental Hazards, Exposures, and Health Outcomes: An Examination of Tracking Activities, Implementation and Data Needs ()
5183.0Health Disparities in Diabetes: Preventive Care Practices ()
5184.0Tropical Disease Epidemiology in the Americas in the 21st Century ()
5185.0Evaluation and Dissemination of the CDC's Health-Related Quality of Life Modules ()
5186.0Empowering Black Women in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Weight Management: Issues and Programs ()
5187.0Mental Health and Older Adults ()
5188.0Informal Care and the Caregiver ()
5189.0The National Excellence Collaboratives of the Turning Point Initiative - Part II ()
5190.0Measuring the Impact and Value of For-Profit and Nonprofit Community Hospitals ()
5191.0Specific Methods for Reducing Barriers to Healthcare: Interpretive Services and Cultural Competency ()
5192.0Using The Internet In Public Health: Opportunities and Cautions - Part I ()
5193.0Health and Human Rights, Session 2 ()
5194.0Risk factors for injury and its outcomes ()
5195.0Injury in children and adolescents ()
5196.0Curbing the Population Explosion: Bipartisan Unity, USAID Program Launch and Consolidation, 1966 - 1983 ()
5197.0Evaluating Health Needs of Refugee Populations ()
5198.0Training, Quality and Job Performance ()
5199.0Current Initiatives Examining Health Disparities in Boston and Massachusetts ()
5200.0Priority Concerns in Lesbian Health ()
5201.0Transition to Adult Care and Life for Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs ()
5202.0Prescription Drugs for Low-Income People: Strategies and Policy Issues Panel ()
5203.0Modern history of racial measurement and categorization: implications of the past for the future - Part 1 ()
5204.0Mental Illness in Children: Services and Utilization ()
5206.0Occupational Health Suveillance ()
5207.0Workers Compensation ()
5208.0Fluoridation Success ()
5208.1Eliminating Disparities: From Grassroots to a National Coalition ()
5209.0Always Use Protection--HIV/AIDS in the 21st Century ()
5210.0Performance Improvement: Looking Holistically at Change ()
5211.0Information technologies and health: when the divide is more than digital ()
5212.0National policy efforts to promote the health of diverse populations through culturally and linguistically appropriate services ()
5213.0Program evaluation ()
5214.0Research on PHN Models ()
5215.0Information for Improvement of Programming ()
5216.0Scientific Session XII: Prevention of Adolescent Use of Tobacco ()
5217.0Scientific Session XIII: Promoting Family Life and HIV Education in Schools: Barriers to Overcome ()
5218.0Over 50 and Living with HIV ()
5219.0Coordinating National, State, and Local Health Surveys to Meet Local Public Health Needs ()
5220.0Federal and state health statistics ()
5221.0Women's Health: Issues and Ideas ()
5222.0Domestic Violence: An International Perspective ()

2:30 PM-4:30 PM Wed
5223.0Live Satellite Broadcast: CDC on the Move Against Health Disparities: Program Highlights ()

4:30 PM-6:00 PM Wed
5224.0Innovative Monitoring Approaches of Tobacco Control ()
5225.0Strategies for Treatment and Prevention of Alcohol Problems among Women ()
5226.0Substance Abuse Treatment Duration and Completion: What Matters? ()
5227.0Integrated Approaches: Increasing the Participation of Latino, American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Elders and Providers in the Development of State and Local Action Plans ()
5227.1Epidemiological and Other Public Health Tools ()
5228.0AAPI Health Policy Round Table ()
5229.0Use of Economic, Ethnic and Other Sociological Measures in Public Health Research/Models for program evaluation and behavioral research ()
5230.0Serving Vulnerable Populations in the Community ()
5231.0Using Data to Develop Policy and Design Programs ()
5232.0Moving Knowledge into Community Action ()
5233.0Translating Assessment into Community Action ()
5234.0Addressing the Needs of Linguistic Minorities, Immigrants & Refugees ()
5235.0Concepts for Deveoping Public Health Policy ()
5236.0Innovative Approaches to Chronic Disease in Vulnerable Populations ()
5237.0Primary Care Providers:Programs to Eliminate Disparities ()
5238.0Disability Potpourri ()
5239.0Asthma Prevention at the Centers for Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research ()
5240.0Mercury and Brain Development ()
5241.0GIS In Public Health - Not Just Another Mapping Tool ()
5242.0Environmental Health Poster Session ()
5243.0Children's Environmental Health Poster Session ()
5244.0NHANES in the new millenium ()
5245.0Epidemiology Poster Session ()
5246.0Poster session: contemporary issues in bioethics ()
5247.0The Impact of Culture on Elderly Minorities and the Existing Disparities within Our Health Care System ()
5248.0Health Promotion: Screening and Interventions ()
5249.0Using the Internet in Public Health: Opportunities and Cautions - Part II ()
5250.0Health Administration Late Breaker: Policy, Politics, and Public Health Infrastructure ()
5251.0Financial Management to Maximize Funds in Medicaid and Medicare Organizations ()
5252.0Are patient bills of rights already obsolete? ()
5253.0Living with HIV Disease: Issues and Answers ()
5254.0HIV and Youth ()
5255.0ICEHS roundtables: today's successes, tomorrow's challenges ()
5256.0The Health Workforce and Health Sector Reform ()
5257.0Impact of AIDS on African Populations, Health Systems and Families ()
5258.0Innovative Approaches to Health Care Delivery ()
5260.0Home Visiting and Parent/Family Support Poster Session ()
5261.0Perinatal Interventions: What's New? What's Different? What Works? ()
5262.0SIDS & Infant Mortality Poster Session ()
5264.0Improving Outcomes for Vulnerable Mothers and Infants Through Breastfeeding ()
5265.0Healthy Child Care America 2000 ()
5266.0Perinatal Care: Health Disparities and Interventions Among Minority and Underserved Populations ()
5267.0Medical Care Contributed Papers - 3 ()
5268.0Modern history of racial measurement and categorization: Implications of the past for the future - Part 2 ()
5269.0The Primary Care Futures Project: An Agenda for the Coming Decade ()
5270.0Major Depression in Geriatric Primary Care Settings ()
5271.0Factors Affecting Service Delivery for Adolescents in Five Sectors of Care: The San Diego Patterns of Care (POC) Research Project ()
5272.0The Effects of Trauma on Mental Health ()
5272.1Mental Health Poster Session V ()
5273.0Strategies for Contolling Hazards: Emphasis in Health Care Settings ()
5274.0Occupational Fatalities ()
5275.0Oral Health Concerns for Patients with HIV Disease ()
5276.0Liberation Medicine ()
5277.0Medecins Avec Frontieres--Providers' Barriers to Reproductive Health in Developing Countries ()
5278.0Conflict and Consensus: Balancing USAID Priorities in Population and Reproductive Health, 1984 - 2000 ()
5279.0New Media Technology for Reproductive Health ()
5280.0Family Planning Success Stories ()
5281.0Reproductive Health Success Stories ()
5282.0Promoting a Balanced Research Agenda to Inform Health Disparities: Moving Beyond Individually-Based Determinants of Health ()
5283.0Effective health communication campaigns: From creation through evaluation ()
5284.0Tune in for Health: Working with television entertainment shows and partners to deliver health information for at-risk populations ()
5285.0Poster session IX: Tailoring and targeting health promotion programs to older populations ()
5286.0Poster session X: Developing and evaluating health education programs, approaches, and materials ()
5287.0Shaping PHN Practice ()
5288.0Environmental health ()
5289.0History of Public Health Nursing ()
5290.0Innovations in Diverse Populations: International & US ()
5291.0Maternal-Child Health Research ()
5292.0Poster V: Development of School Health Services and School Health Service Programs ()
5293.0Poster VI: Sex, Violence Prevention, and HIV: Issues and Programs ()
5294.0Research, Evaluation and Data Collection: Issues & Methods ()
5295.0Sensory Impairments: Issues of Measurement and Analysis in Population-based Studies ()
5296.0Rape, Sexual Violence, and Survivorship ()

6:00 PM-8:30 PM Wed
5297.0An Evening With The APHA Peace Caucus ()

8:30 PM-10:00 PM Wed
5298.0Increasing Service to Indigent Substance Abusers ()
5299.0Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: Presenting the Findings from the Updated AHCPR Clinical Practice Guideline for Smoking Cessation ()
5300.0New Treatments for Alcoholism: Research Implications ()
5301.0Scarce Dollars: Cost-Effectiveness and Substance Abuse Treatment ()
5302.0Substance Abuse Among the Asian American and Pacific Islanders ()
5304.0Local Health Departments Assessments and Utilizing Resources for Their Communities ()
5305.0Addressing the Health Issues of Adolescents in the Community ()
5306.0Community - Academic Partnerships ()
5307.0Participation of People with Mobility Limitations ()
5308.0Roll-Back Malaria, Roll Back DDT: Implementing Modern Malaria Control Strategies ()
5309.0Targeted Screening to Identify Lead Poisoned Children ()
5310.0Sizing Up America: What's Happening with Obesity and Size Acceptance ()
5311.0Overcoming Obstacles in Global TB Control ()
5312.0Financing Public Health Activities in Developing Countries ()
5313.0Measurement Technologies to Improve Health Outcomes ()
5314.0Role of the Community in Health Care ()
5316.0Disability Outcomes in the Workplace: Improving Public Health ()
5318.0Training and educating health education, health promotion, and health communication professionals of the future ()
5319.0Responding to Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities: A Dialogue on Exemplars of PHN Practice and Education (Part I) ()
5320.0Youth at Risk ()

Thursday, November 16, 2000

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Thu
 6000.0National and State Tobacco Policy and Program Evaluation ()
6001.0Reducing Underage Drinking: Alcohol Policy Strategies ()
6002.0MJ: Gateway or Pharmaceutical? ()
6003.1Software Demonstration ()
6004.0Critical Issues in Engaging the Faith Community ()
6005.0Building Consumer Health Advocacy Movements at the State and Local Level ()
6006.0Using Medicaid Claims Data for Health Policy and Health Services Research ()
6007.0A Day in the Community: Tour of Community Health Worker Programs in Boston ()
6008.0Building Capacity for Disability Programs and Policy ()
6009.0Disability and Employment ()
6010.0Immunization Registries: Reaching the Healthy People 2010 Goal ()
6011.0Issues in Women's Health and Nutrition ()
6012.0Are We Raising Healthy Children: Nutrition and Activity Issues ()
6013.0Ethical Issues in End-of-Life Care ()
6014.0Use of monetary incentives with disenfranchized populations: Are they practical? Are they ethical? ()
6015.0Issues in Community Based Care (B) ()
6016.0Clinical Issues in Aging ()
6017.0HIV Disease in International Settings ()
6018.0Assessment and Capacity Building of HIV Prevention Program Evaluation ()
6019.0Injury Latebreakers ()
6020.0Injury surveillance: methods and approaches ()
6021.0International Health Late Breaker III ()
6022.0Breast Cancer Control: Strategies at the Beginning of the 21st Century ()
6023.0Managed Mental Health Care Outcomes ()
6024.0Oral Health Roundtables ()
6025.0PFPRH Late-Breaking Session ()
6026.0It Takes Awhile but It's Worth It! The Effect of Strengthening Preservice Nursing and Medical Education Programs to Improve Performance of FP/RH Service Providers ()
6027.0Save the Best for Last--Sexuality and Family Planning ()
6028.0Violence prevention strategies ()
6029.0Cancer prevention and screening ()
6030.0Health education/health promotion strategies and approaches for specific populations ()
6032.0Issues Effecting Selected Adolescent Populations ()
6033.0Revisioning A Response to Domestic Violence: Dialogue in Community: The Dorchester Community Roundtable ()

10:30 AM-12:00 PM Thu
6034.0APHA Closing General Session ()

Sunday, October 21, 2001

10:00 AM-6:00 PM Sun
 2017.0Interdisciplinary Training Models for Healthcare Settings: Academic Community Partnerships that Work ()


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