3150.0: Monday, November 13, 2000 - 3:40 PM

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Vision and Eye Care for All Americans in the New Millenium- Healthy People 2010

Norma K Bowyer, OD, MS, MPH, FAAO, National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) Planning Committee, National Institute of Health, 244 Wagner Road, Morgantown, WV 26501, (304) 296-3286, bowyer@earthlink.net and John Whitener, OD, MPH, Assistant Director, Government Affairs, American Optometric Association, 1505 Prince St, Alexandria, VA 22314.

ABSTRACT: This presentation provides an overview of the Healthy People 2010 process. It outlines the development of the Healthy People 2010 Vision and Eye health objectives for the nation and offers suggestions for implementing, monitoring and evaluating outcomes.

Healthy People 2010, the prevention agenda for the nation, for the first time in the Healthy People series which began in the 1970's, delineates Vision and Eye Health Objectives. Healthy People identifies the most significant preventable threats to the nationís Vision and Eye health and focuses public and private sector efforts in these areas. One largely preventable threat is that of blindness, due both to refractive and non-refractive cases. In order to assess progress made towards these objectives and reducing disparities between population subgroups the nation also will need to examine the important aspect of the Healthy People 2010 process of developing specific operational definitions for all measurable Healthy People 2010 Objectives.

Learning Objectives: -Identify 10 Healthy People 2010 Vision/Eye Care Objectives for the Nation. -Articulate disparities in vision/eye care in the US. -Describe 2010 Process

Keywords: Vision Care, Health Objectives

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