5166.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000 - 3:30 PM

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A tool for teaching adult education principles to public health content experts

Martha E. Alexander, MA, MPH, CHES, S. Christine Zahniser, RN, MPH, and Jennifer S. Danielson, MSW, MPH. Epidemiology Program Office/Division of Applied Public Health Training, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, MS D-18, 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30333, 404-639-4355, mea3@cdc.gov

Abstract Text: Content experts frequently develop and implement subject specific training to continually educate public health professionals. However, some content experts, especially those early in their careers, have had limited experience with teaching group facilitation and applying adult learning principles to the instructional setting. These skills can be useful in designing appropriate instruction for adults and may ultimately lead to enhanced learning for the trainee. This session will describe a guide that was developed to teach public health professionals who were not trained as educators to more effectively and efficiently teach their subject matter. The guide addresses four content areas: adult education principles, application of these principles in specific instructional situations, group facilitation techniques, and discussion strategies. This guide has been used as a tool to provide epidemiologists, program managers, and other public health professionals with a resource for practical applications of adult education principles. The session will provide information on how this guide may be adapted for different settings and for content experts from a variety of public health disciplines.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to: 1) describe the benefits of training public health content experts in the use of adult education principles; and 2) describe how adult education principles can be used by content experts to deliver their training more effectively and efficiently

Keywords: Training, Professional Training

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