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Agencies providing contraceptive services in the United States, 1999

Lawrence B. Finer, PhD and Jennifer J. Frost, DrPH. The Alan Guttmacher Institute, New York, NY 10005, 212-248-1111, lfiner@agi-usa.org

Publicly funded family planning agencies are an essential source of reproductive health care for millions of American women, particularly those who are low-income, young, or members of minority groups. Newly introduced methods of family planning, such as injectables and emergency contraceptive pills, have changed the mix of services delivered to patients. Moreover, agencies themselves may begin or cease operations or merge with other organizations, and may modify their policies or services based on changes in goals, funding or other factors such as the extent of reliance on managed care plans. Thus, an updated look at the network of family planning agencies in the U.S. is needed. This paper will report results from a nationally representative survey of 600 family planning agencies conducted by the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI) in 1999-2000. The survey will update findings from the last such survey conducted by AGI in 1995. The paper will present new information on the current status and recent trends in the types of agencies that provide family planning services, the number of clients served, agency policies on which contraceptive methods and STD and other related services are offered to both women and men, agency funding sources, and the role of managed care in the agency system.

Learning Objectives: Attendees will gain basic knowledge about U.S. family planning agencies, including types of agencies, services provided, and clients served, and agency funding and administration

Keywords: Health Care Delivery, Contraception

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