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Ukraine HIV/AIDS prevention initiative

Paul Nary and Laurie Liskin, MA, MSc. Center for Communication Programs, The Johns Hopkins University, 111 Market Place, Suite 310, Baltimore, MD 21202, 410-659-6300, slandon@jhuccp.org

The recent rate of growth of transmission of HIV in Ukraine is the highest in Europe. Conservative data indicate a rate of transmission of over 1000% between 1994 and 1999. In January 1999, USAID, Johns Hopkins University Population and Communication Services (JHU/PCS,) and Family Health International (FHI) launched a pilot project aimed at reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS among groups at high risk for HIV infection in five Ukrainian towns: Kharkiv, Poltava, Khremenchuk, Nikolaev, and Odessa. Groups targeted include intravenous drug users (IDUs), commercial sex workers (CSWs), and the partners of both groups. PCS/FHI established a memorandum of understanding with the Soros Foundation to supplement the initiative's activities with needle exchange and condom distribution.

The initiative's strategy focuses on building the capacity of five NGOs from project sites to conduct peer-based outreach. Prior to issuance of subagreements, JHU/PCS and FHI conducted workshops in qualitative research methodologies, and techniques for using research results to develop and pre-test behavior change messages and materials. NGO representatives conducted 165 in-depth interviews with IDUs and CSWs, resulting in the first-ever qualitative study of these groups in Ukraine.

Outreach activities of the NGOs include: establishment of information and counseling services, (including hotlines and walk-in services;) development and distribution of print materials at needle exchange sites and information centers; and establishment of support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS, their partners and families.

Data on hotline calls, client contacts at needle exchange sites, information and counseling centers and support groups will be presented.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the presentation, participants will understand the role NGOs can play in conducting HIV/AIDS prevention interventions among high risk groups in Ukraine

Keywords: HIV/AIDS, Interventions

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