5049.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000 - Board 6

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PROSALUD: How it began and what it is today

Carlos Cuellar, Commercial Market Strategies, Washington, DC 20001, 202-220-2150, ccuellar@cmsproject.com

PROSALUD is a private, nonprofit organization providing health services to low- and middle-income people. Through skillful use of community participation (including participation of local government managers), PROSALUD has developed into a network of community-sponsored health centers, and, after initial support from a USAID-sponsored project, it rapidly become almost completely financially sustainable. Founded in 1985 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, PROSALUD now has 33 health centers and one hospital. PROSALUD established effective mechanisms for community participation through the creation of a general board of directors and local boards for each health center. Local boards enable members of the community to feel a genuine sense of ownership of the health centers, while the board of directors provides the opportunity for community leaders to make a practical, visible, and meaningful contribution through an ongoing structure. What makes PROSALUD unique is that the organization covers nearly all of its costs through user fees--from clients who do not have insurance. PROSALUD maintains quality of care through a franchising system--which ensures the client that the services received in all PROSALUD clinics meet the company’s standards. Cross-subsidization is a fundamental part of the PROSALUD system. Urban clinics subsidize rural clinics, people who can afford to pay subsidize people who cannot, and fees from curative services subsidize free primary health care. PROSALUD also relies on cost control, good management practices, and social marketing to maintain and expand its success.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to list: --Three key issues affecting public-private partnerships --Three types of public-private partnerships --Five requirements for replicating the PROSALUD model --Two constraints of the PROSALUD model

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