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Working with Men to Prevent and Treat Domestic Violence

Paz Castillo-Ruiz, SDS/WID, Inter-American Development Bank, 1300 New York Ave., N.W, Stop: W-502, Washington, DC 20577, (202) 623-3406, Pazce@iadb.org

The Women In Development Unit at the Inter-American Development Bank designed a "Technical Umbrella on Domestic Violence" (TUDV) to identify promising programs and strategies, in Central America, to reduce domestic violence. As a result, several best practice projects were identified which prevent domestic violence working with men. However, the treatment of male aggressors was a much less developed area of action. Given this situation, with funds from the TUDV, various projects were designed and implemented in this specific area; here listed: 1. one with the Comisarias de la Mujer in Nicaragua to develop a model to treat aggressors drawing on the country's experience treating men after the conflict; 2. another with the Consejerias de Salud in Honduras to improve their current treatment service with the support of international and regional experts; and, 3. a north-south exchange between Central American and North European experts on treatment of aggressors, including a field visit to Europe by the former group. By November 2000, most of the projects of the TUDV will be finished, and their results published. The presentation at the APHA conference will describe these results focusing on violence prevention programs targeting men, and on treatment of aggressors. It will also highlight synergies between the fields of reproductive health and domestic violence prevention, and derive lessons learned from both, to increase men's involvement working towards gender equality.

Learning Objectives: 1) to understand what works, and what doesn't, when targeting men in projects designed to reduce domestic violence; 2) to describe opportunities existing within the health system to address domestic violence using approaches other than working with women; 3) to review lessons learned from the fields of reproductive health and domestic violence prevention to share successful strategies when working with men

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