5061.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000 - 8:45 AM

Abstract #13756

Comparing managed and not managed patterns of care and costs

Edward Norton, PhD, School of PUblic Health, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, McGavran-Greenberg Hall, Chapel Hill, NC 27599, 919-966-8930, edward_norton@unc.edu

As part of the Quality of Care Study, we have collected paid claims for each study enrollee that permit examination of patterns of care both pre and post emergency screening. THese data are used to determine the cost-effectiveness of managed care, compared to care that is not managed for adult Medicaid beneficiaries treated for schizophrenia. The effectiveness measures used are mental health status, health related quality of life and level of functioning. Costs for each beneficiary include the costs of treatment provided by the Department of mental helath, treatment that supplements Medicaid reimbursed acute treatment. We will describe our methods and preliminary findings.

Learning Objectives: To learn how to use paid claims data in the study of managed care costs and to report on preliminary findings of the costs of managed and not managed care for adults with schizophrenia

Keywords: Cost Issues, Managed Care

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