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A new, simplified calendar-based method of family planning

Marcos D Arevalo, MD, MPH, Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University, 3800 Reservoir Road NW, 3PHC #3004, Washington DC, DC 20007, 202-687-1392, arevalom@gunet.georgetown.edu

Approximately 15% of contracepting couples worldwide try to plan their families using periodic abstinence. But their lack of correct information about their fertility hampers their efforts. And most family planning or other reproductive health programs do not offer this type of methods or information. A new family planning method has been developed that is easy to deliver by mainstream programs and easy to use effectively by illiterate populations. The Standard Days Method is based on counseling users to abstain from unprotected intercourse days 8 Ė 19 of every cycle to avoid pregnancy. Clients are taught to keep track of their cycle days and identify fertile days with the aid of a string of colored beads specifically designed for this purpose. The methodís efficacy was theoretically tested by applying it to a WHO data set of over 7600 menstrual cycles. A pilot test of the method carried out in the Philippines and Bolivia produced good results in terms of effectiveness: sixty-four couples used the method, one became pregnant while following the methodís rule, three other couples became pregnant and reported they had not followed the methodís rule. Results were good in terms of method acceptability. The Standard Days Method showed that it can be an effective method of family planning; it can be specially appropriate for underserved, low- or no- literacy populations. A larger-scale effectiveness study is underway. Results of the pilot study and preliminary information from the effectiveness study will be presented.

Learning Objectives: Describe how this new family planning method is used by couples

Keywords: Family Planning,

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