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Intersectoral approach to maintaining public health in a war torn zone

Diafuka Saila_Ngita, DVM, Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of Conecticut, 118 Elmhurst Street, West Hartford, CT 06110, 860-519-0567, sailangita@aol.com and Rene I. Jahiel, MD, PhD, President, International Health Policy Research, 24 Park Place (#17K), Hartford, CT 06106.

Civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has negatively affected all socioeconomic sectors. Objective: To develop an intersectoral planning model and apply it to the maintenance of public health in a small area of DRC. Method: The social accounting matrix (SAM) used by Torbeck in the DRC in 1990 is extended to the health sector with primary and secondary data for 1990-1999 in the Ituri Zone (NorthEast,DRC). Health needs are derived from local epidemiological data and hospital records. Results: The outcome is a planning model to determine local resources to improve the health sector in a way that is responsive to health needs and sustainable. For instance, if a major health problem were nutrition, then interventions would target food staples (e.g., maize, manioc, meats, and fruits); if affording health services is a key problem, interventions would target income generating crops (e.g. coffee, rubber, tea). SAM provides a quantitative guide to apportion interventions across various socioeconomic sectors. Conclusion: A planning model has been developed for testing in a small area, which can be extended to other areas of the Congo or other countries

Learning Objectives: At the completion of this session the participants will be able to do an intersectoral economic analysis and community health needs assessments in a war torn zone

Keywords: Economic Analysis, Essential Public Health Services

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