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Predictors of HIV seropositivity among women in publicly-funded counseling and testing sites in Los Angeles County, 1997-1998

M.E. Miller, T. R. Granoff, and G. Ayala. Office of AIDS Programs and Policy, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, 600 S. Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 201, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Background: In response to CDC's emphasis on providing HIV/AIDS services for women and people of color, this study examined the epidemiologic characteristics of women receiving publicly funded HIV testing in Los Angeles County during 1997 and 1998.

Methods: All tests administered to women by County funded counseling and testing sites in 1997 and 1998 (N=22,541) were examined for risk factors for HIV transmission. Logistic regression models were derived based on traditional risk factors and exploratory data analysis to assess predictors associated with HIV seropositivity among women.

Results: Women greater than 25 years of age were more likely to receive a positive HIV test than women 24 years and younger (OR=1.92, 95%CI=1.45-2.53). This was also greatest for African-Americans (OR=2.21, 95%CI=1.63-3.00) and American Indians (OR=2.57, (95%CI=1.03-6.43) compared to white women. No significant difference was found between Latina and white women. Women reporting Heterosexual Intravenous Drug Use (OR=3.80, 95%CI=2.82-5.12), having a sexual partner at risk (OR=3.53, 95%CI=2.74-4.55), and reporting engaging in sex for drugs or money (OR=1.96, 95%CI=1.25-3.08) were more likely to have a positive test than women reporting no risk behaviors. These results remain consistent over the last 2 years.

Conclusions: The results provide information regarding self-reported risk behaviors for women of color that place them at risk for HIV. Additionally, the results stress the need for expanding counseling and testing services that focus on women of color.

Learning Objectives: 1. During this session, the presenters will discuss predictors of HIV seroprevalance among women testing at publicly-funded counseling and testing sites. 2. Presenters will also elaborate on the lessons learned administering public HIV services in a large, culturally diverse jurisdiction

Keywords: HIV/AIDS,

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