3257.0: Monday, November 13, 2000 - 8:30 PM

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Developing Capacity in Community Intervention for Diabetes Control

Jose O. Arrom, MA1, Chandana Nandi, MS, RD, LD2, and Aida L. Giachello, PhD1. (1) UIC Midwest Latino Health Research, Training, and Policy Center, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1640 W. Roosevelt Rd. #636, Chicago, IL 60608, 312-413-1836, josarrom@uic.edu, (2) Illinois Dept. of Human Services, Illinois Diabetes Control Program, 535 W. Jefferson St, Springfield, IL 62761

This presentation highlights data from a combination of community leader interviews, focus groups with providers, a training and mail surveys of health providers, and diabetes leadership training evaluations. A workshop series was developed in data collection and research (including focus group development and observation), diabetes leadership, intervention planning and best practices, and cultural competence and appropriateness in diabetes control practice. Special efforts were made to disseminate standards of diabetes screening and practice, and to examine community contexts which facilitate or impede behavior change in physical activity and nutrition. In addition, planning coalition members and staff participated in several workshops on the use of state's Cornerstone MIS data system and diabetes resources. Participant follow-up is focusing on increased or appropriate use or sharing of resources, collaboration, improvement in the quality of practice, and other capacity-building measures.

Learning Objectives: 1) Highlight key findings for capacity building from multiple assessment methods 2) Describe training methods for increasing and improving culturally competent and appropriate services 3) Examine the process of evaluating capacity building interventions

Keywords: Training, Community-Based Partnership

Presenting author's disclosure statement:
Organization/institution whose products or services will be discussed: UIC Midwest Latino Health Research, Training, and Policy Center; Illinois Diabetes Control Program; Southside Health Consortium
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