5178.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000 - 3:00 PM

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Proyecto ALAS: The Community Outreach Education Project of the Health Care Consortium of Central Los Angeles (HCCCLA)

Lupe Gonzalez and Cecilia Vazquez. Proyecto ALAS, Health Care Consortium of Central Los Angeles, 1345 S. Burlington Street, Los Angeles, CA 90006, (213) 739-2527, N/A

HCCCLA, a collaborative of hospitals, clinics and community based organizations, has been working since 1991 to improve access to health care services in Central and South Central Los Angeles, one of the most critically medically underserved communities in the nation. Proyecto ALAS was developed to educate the community about health care access, eligibility for Medi-Cal and other plans, and how to navigate Medi-Cal/Managed Care and the Los Angeles County Public-Private Partnership. Community Health Promoters (CHPs) working in Proyecto ALAS are also instrumental in building the capacity of Parent and Family centers at local schools and provide a crucial link between the community and the community clinics and other member agencies of the HCCCLA. Much distrust and uncertainty resulted from the change of Medi-Cal into a managed care system in California. CHPs working in Proyecto ALAS achieved the reduction of distrust and increased enrollment into these health access plans at 10 elementary and middle schools in their community. They also broke ground in providing patient feedback to local providers unaccustomed to community representation in their planning sessions. Two CHPs from Proyecto ALAS have become trainers and conference organizers. They have become recognized community organizers by state and regional entities, their neighborhoods and their CHP peers. Both will be presenting the results of their project and their experiences as emerging leaders four years after their training with the Community Health Promoters Program.

Learning Objectives: 1. The participant should be able to recognize the value of community organizing for health promotion. 2. Articulate the important role health promoters play in bridging the communication gap between health care providers and the community

Keywords: Community-Based Health Promotion, Access to Health Care

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