5189.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000 - 2:40 PM

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Social marketing collaborative - New York State Health Department

Sylvia Pirani, New York Turning Point Partnership/Local Health Services Unit, New York State Dept of Health, ESP, Corning Tower, Room 821, Albany, NY, , Sjp03@health.state.ny.us

The goals of the TP social marketing collaborative are to:

Integrate social marketing theory and practice into resource development, program development, health promotion, coalition building,policy change, branding public health.

Use social marketing to eliminate health disparities.

The collaborative, which includes 6 states, plans to engage in analysis and policy development to identify and promote best practices in social marketing as well as develop a signature project to develop a national public health brand. The presentation will include a review of brief discussion of key issues in social marketing and a discussion of how the six states will conduct its work.

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