3210.0: Monday, November 13, 2000 - 5:05 PM

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From quality assurance to quality improvement to breakthrough change: taking the status quo off the table

Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 135 Francis St, Boston, MA 02215, 617 754 4800, dberwick@ihi.org

In accepting the Donabedian Quality Award, Dr. Berwick will summarize continuities and evolution of his own work in quality improvement with field. Talk will touch upon ways quality improvement efforts derive and depart from earlier work by Dr. Donabedian, to give a context for the current Breakthrough Collaborative Improvement Series. Comments will focus on need for changes in both how care and change is delivered and designed.

Learning Objectives: 1.Acceptance of Donabedian Quality Award from Medical Care Section of APHA 2. Share historical perspectives, lessons and future imperatives from 2 decades work in field of quality improvement

Keywords: Quality Assurance, QISMC

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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA