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Healthy Schools! Healthy Kids! Oral Health Initiative

Maureen E. Ross, RDH and Robin M. Lawrence, DDS, MPH. Office of Primary Care, Rhode Island Department of Health, Three Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908, 401-222-1394 X123, maureenr@doh.state.ri.us

In October 1998, Healthy Schools! Healthy Kids! (HS! HK!), Rhode Island's comprehensive school health program received a one-year grant from the CDC to plan for improved oral health among school-aged children through school-based and/or school-linked programs. To coordinate the HS! HK! Oral Health Initiative effectively at the state level, this joint effort of the Rhode Island Departments of Health and Education partnered with the Rhode Island Department of Human Services, the state's Medicaid agency. By fostering a cooperative relationship, HS! HK! has been able to articulate the differing Departmental roles/responsibilities in improving the oral health of Rhode Islanders and reduce duplication of effort to increase the delivery of oral health education/preventive services to school-aged children in school/ community settings. In its initial year, the HS! HK! Oral Health Steering Committee (comprised of individuals representing stakeholder state agencies, schools, providers, third-party payers and parents) considered data and direct testimony on oral health status, existing programs, and needs. Finalized in October 1999, the recommendations identify four focal areas: 1) school-based services; 2) community-based services; 3) family outreach and education; and 4) oral health education and policies for schools provide the basis for the work to be accomplished by the HS! HK! Oral Health Initiative over the subsequent three years. An unanticipated benefit of the HS! HK! Oral Health Initiative is the formation of a work group that is exploring options with key stakeholders to reinforce oral health infrastructure at safety net sites and to address sustained funding alternatives for effective school-based/school-linked models.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to identify a specific model utilized to plan and develop school-based and/or school-linked programs to address the oral health needs of school-aged children in a small New England state

Keywords: Child Health Promotion, School-Based Programs

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