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University Collaborative Health Promotion Project in a Faith COmmunity

Cynthia L. Stone, DrPH, School of Nursing, Indiana University, 1111 Middle Dr. NU 463, Indianapolis, IN 46202, 317-274-2182, cylstone@iupui.edu

Community health nursing students from Indiana University School of Nursing have a requirement to plan, implement and evaluate a health promotion program with an aggregate in the community. A new Health Ministry Program at a local faith community had the need for an education program for their preschool. Faculty and students worked together with the teachers and parish nurse to design, implement and evaluate a nutrition program for three and four year olds. Goals, objectives and learning activities were designed. Activities included content on reasons for eating healthy foods, information about the food pyramid and daily food requirements. Students played a food bingo game and had their height and weight measured. They will be remeasured in 4-5 months to see how they have grown. They will be re-evaluated about their knowledge retained from the first program, through playing a game with the food pyramid. After the initial program the students were able to verbalize two of three reasons for eating healthy foods. Parents received a copy of the food pyramid after the first class with daily requirements. They will receive a growth chart with both measurements after the second program. This project addresses the core public health function of assurance. It met the need for an educational program on nutrition for preschool age children. Long term it may encourage them to eat healthy and grow steadily.

Learning Objectives: After this presentation the learner will be able to: 1. Identify the objectives for this health promotion program. 2. Discuss the outcomes of the program. 3. Apply the corn public health function of assessment to this failth community program

Keywords: Child Health Promotion,

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