4103.1: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 - 1:15 PM

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"Adventures in Public Health": Innovative training for the public health workforce

Sharon L. Clark, MPH1, Joyce R. Gaufin, BS2, and Robert W. Sherwood, MA, MS1. (1) Utah Department of Health, P.O. Box 142001, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2001, 801-538-6444, slclark@doh.state.ut.us, (2) Division of Health Care Financing, Utah Department of Health, P. O. Box 143105, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-3105

In an innovative attempt to introduce the public health workforce to public health concepts, the Utah Department of Health has developed a comprehensive training in basic public health concepts. The training is currently being implemented with UDOH employees but the potential learning audience may originate from local boards of health, local health departments, state health departments, medical and public health students (and potential students), health policy makers, politicians, and community leaders. It targets the public health workforce with little or no formal public health training. The curriculum content was developed by a committee of experts with diverse public health backgrounds. Learning objectives include increasing public health knowledge and positively affecting student's attitudes towards public health concepts. Adventures in Public Health is a computer based training(CBT) comprised of six modules ranging from 30 - 60 minutes in length and include topics such as public health defined, core functions and essential services, basic epidemiology, public health history, public health in action, and the future of public health. The curriculum is based in adult learning theory and is disseminated via CD-ROM containing a multi-media slide show with Internet capabilities. Student progress is measured via on-line pre and post tests and activities. Students will have e-mail contact with a designated "professor" and will have Internet "chat" capabilities with other students. The training will be implemented at the Utah Department of Health in June 2000 and evaluation results will be available in September 2000.

Learning Objectives: 1) Understand the purpose, content, and format of a computer based training designed to introduce the public health workforce to public health concepts. 2) Understand how the training affects the student's knowledge and attitudes of basic public health concepts

Keywords: Distance Learning, Public Health Curriculum

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