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Alcohol/illegal drug use and domestic stalking among ethnic minorities and whites

Stephen J. Morewitz, PhD, S. MOREWITZ, PH.D., & ASSOCS., Buffalo Grove, IL, S.F. & Tarzana, CA, S. MOREWITZ, PH.D., & ASSOCS./CAL COLL OF PODIATRIC MEDICINE, 695 Noe St., Ste. 1, San Francisco, CA 94114, 415/252-0569, morewitz@earthlink.net

The following study, derived from subcultural theories of alcohol and illicit drug use, investigates the extent to which certain ethnic differences in alcohol and illegal drug use are related to the onset of domestic stalking and the victims’ perceived threat of stalking. A random sample of 519 newly filed domestic orders of protection was drawn from published court case listings in two cities between 1997 and 1999. Logistic regression procedures were used to test the null hypothesis that there are no significant differences among African-American, Hispanic, and White respondents in their use of alcohol/illegal drugs and domestic stalking behaviors, after adjusting for possible predictor variables. The null hypothesis was rejected since stalking appears to be positively related to domestic stalking among Hispanics, but not among African-Americans and Whites. Alcohol and illicit drug use by African-American respondents was negatively associated with the victims’ request for court protection against stalking. However, there was no relationship between alcohol and illicit drug use by the White and Hispanic respondents and the victims’ requesting court protection against stalking. Ethnic differences in peer pressure, illegal drug preferences, duration of drug use and biological vulnerability should be explored further as possible facilitating or inhibiting factors in domestic stalking and its sequela.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the session, the participant in this session will be able to: 1. List five differences in alcohol and illicit drug use among ethnic minorities. 2. List five differences among ethnic minorities in their relationship between alcohol/illegal drug use and domestic stalking. 3. List five theories related to ethnic minority differences in alcohol and illegal drug use and domestic stalking. 4. List four methods for detecting and preventing alcohol/illegal drug use and domestic stalking by ethnic minorities

Keywords: Drug Abuse, Ethnic Minorities

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