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Epidemiological study of the common dermatoses among school students in the Zagazig District of Egypt

A. A. El Badawy, Professor1, A.G. Selim, professor2, A. Abdel ghaffar, Professor1, A.S.S. El Sayed, Associate lectur1, and A.H. Mohamed, lecturer1. (1) Community Medicine department, Zagazig Faculty of Medicine, Egypt, 23, Amin El Raafi street, Apt 7 Dokki, Dokki, Egypt, 202-3486112, amal2411@intouch.com, (2) Skin and Venereal Department, Zagazig Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig, Egypt

Objectives: The study estimated the prevalence of the commonest types of skin diseases among school students in Zagazig district, Egypt, and examined the various factors that might be associated with its occurrence. Methods: One thousand and seventy students were selected from the different governomental schools district using multistage random technique. Clinical examination of the skin of the selected school students was carried out and the diagnosis was confirmed by the necessary laboratory tests whenever needed. Results: The overall prevalence was found to be 66.8%, ranging from 2.2% for viral infection to 24.1% for parasitic infestation. The commonest associated factors were: sex (more among females), age (increase with age), residence (more in rural), low level of parental education and low soci-economic conditions and finally lack of personal hygiene and bad health habits. Conclusion: Dermatoses constitute a major health problem among school students in Zagazig district, Egypt. Therefore, a health care program, through schools, must be implemented to control such problem.

Learning Objectives: Participants will recognize how the magnitude of a health problem can be evaluated and what are the measures that are needed to control it

Keywords: Communicable Disease,

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