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A Longitudinal Study of First-Year Residential College Student Drug Use

Joan M. Carlson, MSW, Chudley E. Werch, PhD, Deborah M. Pappas, MSH, Edessa Jobli, MD, Irina Kolomeyer, MD, Lisa Provencher, BS, and Michael S. Dunn, PhD. Center for Drug Prevention and Health Promotion, University of North Florida, 4567 St. Johns Bluff Road, South, Building 39, Room 3042, Jacksonville, FL 32224-2645, (904) 620-2847, jcarlson@unf.edu

The purpose of this study was to examine drug use of first-year college students living in dorms. Subjects consisted of a cohort of 522 freshmen students attending a southeastern university. Data were collected over a nine-month period from incoming students in the early fall of 1998 and again in the late spring of 1999. Results of baseline data showed that in the previous 30 days, 63% of freshman students had drank alcohol, 28% smoked cigarettes, 16% had used marijuana, and 3% had used Club Drugs. Posttest data at the end of the first year indicated student increases in 30-day use in all areas, most significantly in cigarettes (31%), marijuana (20%) and Club Drugs (7%). Preliminary subgroup analyses also suggest significant associations between 30 day use for students and 1) alcohol and drug education in the past year, 2) receiving financial aid, and 3) family history of alcohol or drug problems. Implications of these results for future research and programming aimed at preventing the initiation drug use at the collegiate level will be discussed.

Learning Objectives: 1) Describe the significance of first-year residential college student drug use. 2) Articulate the research methods used in the study. 3) Summarize the main findings and conclusions of the study. 4) Assess the implications of the findings for future research and practice

Keywords: College Students, Drug Use

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