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SCOPE development - A partnership with the Vietnamese National Commission for Population and Family Planning

Michael Bailey, MA and Benjamin V. Lozare, PhD. Center for Communication Programs, Johns Hopkins University, 111 Market Place, Suite 310, Baltimore, MD 21202, 410-659-6300, slandon@jhuccp.org

SCOPE, which stands for Strategic Communication Planning and Evaluation, is a country-specific software program for training health professionals in a workshop setting. Due to a lack of a robust process in planning public health interventions, there has been a significant demand by health officials from around the world to develop SCOPE as a planning tool that trains users in the design and implementation of health intervention projects. At present the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (JHUCCP) is working with the Vietnamese National Commission for Population and Family Planning (NCPFP) to develop SCOPE as a computer based training tool and as a long term planning tool. What is unique about this development is the extent to which JHUCCP is involving the client in the design and development of the program. Already a workshop has been completed for the first phase of development involving the determination of Vietnamese health priorities and the incorporation of these findings into the SCOPE program itself. Following this phase of development JHUCCP will work with the NCPFP and other cooperating agencies of the Vietnamese government to:

1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the initial SCOPE version; 2. Develop a prototype of SCOPE in collaboration with the strategy task force; 3. Develop in-country expertise in updating the prototype; 4. Develop and implement a plan for the use of the program at provincial and district levels.

This presentation will focus on the development process used so far in the determination of the NCPFP health priorities.

Learning Objectives: To enable someone to describe the process necessary to actively involve members of a health organization in the design and development of an interactive health communication computer program

Keywords: Vietnam, Information Technology

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