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Evaluation of anti-tobacco education for grade school students in Florida: The Artful Truth Healthy Propaganda Arts Project

Violet S. Lagari, MPH, Edward Trapido, ScD, and Richard Rodriguez, MA. University of Miami School of Medicine, 1550 NW 10th Ave, Suite 308, Miami, FL 33136, 305-243-3012, vlagari@med.miami.edu

The Artful Truth Healthy Propaganda Arts Project is a pilot program designed by the Wolfsonian -Florida International University as part of the Florida Tobacco Pilot Program. The project teaches youth how to recognize tobacco industry manipulation through analysis of tobacco advertisements. The study design was a pre/post questionnaire. Students were presented with a tobacco advertisement and a pre questionnaire about smoking attitudes and behaviors. The three-month Artful Truth intervention consisted of information sessions and activities, followed by administration of a post questionnaire. The sample of 780 students consisted of 78% in elementary school, 19% in middle school, and 3% in high school. The breakdown by gender was 46% male and 54% female. Students answered questions by choosing the level that best expressed their views on tobacco through four words: bad, healthy, cool, and dangerous. The "bad," "healthy," and "dangerous" pre/post pairs showed significant changes (p£0.00, p£0.00, p£0.01, respectively). Student attitudes toward smoking were "less healthy," "more bad," and "more dangerous" following Artful Truth intervention. Smoking was also "less cool," but those results were not significant (p£0.10). Stratifying the data according to gender and school level yielded similar results. Artful Truth was successful in improving attitudes toward tobacco when measuring Florida Tobacco Pilot Program goals; these outcomes do not measure Artful Truth goals. The current evaluation addresses the extent to which art enables youth to recognize tobacco industry manipulation, a goal of Artful Truth. These results will be made available by the time of the conference.

Learning Objectives: Determine the extent to which the Artful Truth education program influences the reporting of smoking attitudes among Florida youth

Keywords: Tobacco Control, Evaluation

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