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Health Research Information Network (HINT): Developments and challenges

Po-Huang Chiang, MPH1, Hui-Chen Peng, MLS1, Yu-tzuon J. Chuo, MS2, and Der-Ming Liu, PhD3. (1) Dept. of Research Resources, National Health Research Institiutes, 128, Yen-Chiu-Yuan Road, Sec. 2, Taipei, 11529, Taiwan, 886-2-26534401, chiangp@nhri.org.tw, (2) Library, Veteran General Hsopltal-Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan, (3) Dept. of Information and Communication Center, National Yang-Ming University, 155 Sec. 2, Li-Nong Street, Taipei, 112

Health Research Information Network (HINT) is supported by National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) in Taiwan and administered by Health Infoshare (Digital Library of the Veterans General Hospital, Taipei and National Yang Ming University). The purpose of HINT is to integrate domestic medical research resources. With 18 medical school and medical center librarians participated from whole nation, the HINT can collaborate with a strong computer and human network.. Thus we can combine library resources, manpower and budget to build up a cooperation model and promote the accessing of medical information. NHRI and Health InfoShare corporate to proceed this project to offer the most comprehensive databases and team up to build our local contents for medical and health professionals. HINT was announced on Jan. 1, 1998 and got lots of attention and encouragement from the medical community. More than 86 thousands hits per day so far. The discussion begins with the history and initial rationale of HINT, which began 2 years ago, and continues, with a description of the databases upon which HINT is based. It also summarized such issues as copyright protection, digital technology, localized data development, and usage/content analysis of HINT data.

Learning Objectives: 1.Integrate domestic medical information resources 1.Develop a health information network for the health community in whole nation with free access to 25 English databases and 5 Chinese databases. 2. Create a medical reference librarian network for user reference through network

Keywords: Health Information Systems, Networking

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