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Predictors of adolescent attitudes and behaviors towards tobacco usage

Nancy Strickman-Stein, MPH, PhDCand, Edward J Trapido, ScD, and Stefanie A Klein, MA, PhdCandidat. Office Of Tobacco Control, University of Miami, PO Box 016960 (D4-11), Miami, FL 33101, (305) 243-3012, nstein@medi.miami.edu

Deaths due to smoking are the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. 80% of current adult smokers begin smoking in their teens. Each day more than 3,000 teens commence smoking. The Tobacco Pilot Program of Florida is geared towards preventing smoking among youth. The Florida Youth Cohort Study is a study of Youth in grades 4-8. Date were collected from 1200 residents of Florida. This abstract presents baseline findings pertaining to the attitudes and behaviors of the cohort towards smoking.

Analysis of the the questions in the attitude scale revealed a fairly anti-tobacco cohort. Significant findings from a logistic regression determined that youth whose parents spoke with them regarding smoking were more likely to hold very anti-tobacco attitudes than those whose parents never spoke with them (OR=1.53). Those having a best friend who smoked (OR=0.66), and those who tried tobacco (OR=0.24) were less likely to hold very anti-tobacco attitudes.

Significant predictors of trying tobacco in this cohort were youth living with adults who smoked (OR=1.8), having at least one best friend who smoked (OR=4.46), and holding less anti-tobacco attitudes (OR=0.48). The higher the grade level, the more likely one was to have tried tobacco (OR=1.36).

These findings indicate that targeting a program to younger adolescents, who are less likely to have inititated smoking, makes the preventive effects of the program more discernible as will be seen in subsequent evaluations.

* All Odd's Ratios presented are significant.

Learning Objectives: This presentation will help the audience to learn the factors that make adolescents try tobacco. It will help them to recognize a specific evaluation method and will potentially help them to apply this evaluation method to other programs that they may be involved in

Keywords: Adolescents, Tobacco Control

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