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Quinacrine sterilization: A global controversy comes home

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Quinacrine, originally developed as an oral anti-malarial treatment, has more recently been used as an alternative to surgical sterilization for women. Inserted into a woman's uterus, near her fallopian tubes, quinacrine burns the tubes resulting in scar tissue that prevents the egg from entering the uterus. Promoted as an inexpensive and easier method of female sterilization compared to existing options, quinacrine has been subject to serious criticism by feminist health activists who raise health and ethical concerns about its use. This presentation will provide an update of the state of quinacrine research and use, outlining side effects reported by women who have used the drug and possible health risks associated with its use. It will summarize the history of international opposition to promotion of quinacrine sterilization. It will also include an account of the abuses and unethical use of the drug which women have reported in developing countries where proponents have supported clinical use of the drug. Finally the presentation will address the status of efforts to conduct clinical trials of quinacrine in the United States with the goal of obtaining FDA approval for this use of the drug.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the presentation, the participant will be able to: 1. describe the mechanism of action of quinacrine as a sterilant 2. identify the concerns that have been raised regarding use of the drug for female sterilization 3. discuss the current status of efforts to conduct research on quinacrine for sterilization and to gain regulatory approval of the drug for this use

Keywords: International Family Planning, Research Ethics

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